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A popular technique employed in many first person shooter games whereby the player attempting to perform the skill (the jag), moves around in an erratic, zigzag like fashion, making it difficult for enemies to hit the player.

The term jagging was coined and popularized by the player CurtMACHINEHEAD in the game Gears of War, in which he dominated by use of a glitch known as the "lobster trot" in combination with his jagging technique.
CurtMACHINEHEAD: You can't hit me, for I have mastered the black art of jagging.
by Anonymous coward. December 23, 2009
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The act of driving a car with passengers while consuming alcoholic beverages, preferably on gravel roads. Common in less populated area's of the mid-west.
Dammit, the Billy Ray Cyrus concert is sold out. Let's just go jagging.
by LilyRedd August 17, 2007
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Like "sagging" your pants for that dope 2006 hypebeast look, except you sag them down to your jacket almost so that it is aligned with your jacket and not your shirt.

Can use "Jag" for other situations.
Yo that nigga was jagging hard with his Columbia rain coat son.

"Damn ya mans had the mad jag on his raw selvage denims and his long ass Supreme backpack."
by Helgen X November 27, 2009
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To excessively stroke one's penis until there is smegma around the penis.
Leewong couldn't bakadong last night so he end up jagging.
by Leewong April 21, 2006
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Part of speech - verb

Jagging hoes; To fuck bitches.

Ex: Fucking multiple women, bent over couches, while pulling their hair and then slapping them in the back of the head.
See: Donkey punch
Sentence: Bro, I was jagging those bitches so hard last night.
by DTF Jagger October 09, 2017
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