When you’re on FaceTime with a girl talking about sharheads and she says yeah what
Do you know what a sharhead is? Yeah what?!
by Yeet YeetYeet June 30, 2018
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A random phrase to scream out in public places with your friends, peticuarly during movies, on roller coasters, or mid-flight on a plane. However, it is meaningless when the pronounciation goes terribly wrong, which is common.
'Yeah!' cried Jim
'What?' yelled Bob responding to Jim
'Okay!' shouted the stranger sitting in the row in front of Jim and Bob
'Shut the fuck up and watch the goddamned movie!' Shouted some prick noone likes
by Matthew Shelley August 22, 2004
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An increasingly used phrase that one utters while paying half-attention to a conversation, agreeing, then realizing that they possibly agreed to or missed out on something important which they are otherwise unprepared to handle or agree to.
Tony: *playing Temple Run*

Danny: Tony, I've been hiding my feelings for you for so long because I wasn't sure you felt the same. I've been in the closet for so long that this is really difficult for me. So here it goes: I'm gay and I love you. Always have. And want to be be with you always. Please tell me you feel the same?

Tony: Yeah. Wait! What? * drops phone as realization sets in*
by Tenacious Faulker March 9, 2013
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derived by lil jon in the usher video "yeah" it means that mr jon is happy....
saying yeah really means u are happy
by ashleys lil bro February 27, 2005
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a phrase coined by Homer Simpson where a situation doesn't typically favor one's way and they're either powerless or too lazy to do anything about it.
Marge: (checking mail) Hmm free sample of Lemon Time Homer: Ooh, give it here. (chuggs bottle) Marge: Homer that's dishwashing liquid! Homer: yeah, but what are you going to do?
by Pimp in the Box February 4, 2009
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phrase used when one is excited, pleasantly surprised, confused or has nothing else to say. normally said in a high pitched tone while nodding the head. also said sometimes in order to laugh off something embarrassing someone just said.
Ethyl: "You have just won 9 million dollars!"
Saruh: "Yeah you know what alright, yeah!"

Harvey: "You are quite possibly the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on."
Myrtle: "Yeah you know what alright, yeah!"

Tilly: "Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas."
Francis: "Yeah you know what alright, yeah!"

Bert: "So I'm going to eat a taco now."
Rhonda: "Yeah you know what alright, yeah!"

Gerald: "I have a heavy flow."
Teresa: "Yeah you know what alright, yeah!"
by Sarahsaurus Rex February 4, 2010
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