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(Jay-dee)An amazing beautiful caring girl! She’s great at keeping secrets and loves to give gifts. She loves to cudddle and actually cares about how you feel! Jadee can be so passionate about things and can love with her everything.

Many people don’t come across a friend named Jadee because she is has a very unique personality and name. Usually Jadee is named after someone. But added with another e.

She is also a great friend to trust. She can help you with everything! She is very smart at subjects in school and most likely to be successful in life.
Guy 1: guess what? Jadee is my soulmate now!
Guy 2: NOO WAYY!! You’re really lucky guy!
by Jallllom12 November 18, 2018
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A beautiful and unique person.She gets mad easily but always gets back up and smiles.She has lots of friends and is ALLWAYS laughing and dancing everyone loves her.
by Wiggleguy time October 19, 2018
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Dirty ass girl ! Usually a bigtime follower !! Snake ass hoe too thinks shes the shit but is ugly on the inside and outside. Cant be a bitch and ugly. Kind of girl to make up rumors and talk shit but smile in your face !
Guy: that girl jadee follows everyone and is a snake ass hoe!!
Girl: frr! I heard shes talking shit but kisses my ass 24/7
Guy: what a ugly bitch
by Ispeakthetruthandwhatpeoplewon January 28, 2020
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An adorably handsome boy who will melt your heart. Usually has deep dimples

Is not only cute but also has brains and a caring heart.
"He's adorable"
"Ofc his name is Jadee"
by hoothootdouble December 18, 2017
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A beautiful girl! You are very lucky to have her in your life. She is caring and loving. She keeps your secrets, but sometimes an asshole. She love u tho heh.
“Damn, jadee is beautiful!”
Hell yeah she is!”
by Jallllom12 June 17, 2018
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