(Jay-dee)An amazing beautiful caring girl! She’s great at keeping secrets and loves to give gifts. She loves to cudddle and actually cares about how you feel! Jadee can be so passionate about things and can love with her everything.

Many people don’t come across a friend named Jadee because she is has a very unique personality and name. Usually Jadee is named after someone. But added with another e.

She is also a great friend to trust. She can help you with everything! She is very smart at subjects in school and most likely to be successful in life.
Guy 1: guess what? Jadee is my soulmate now!
Guy 2: NOO WAYY!! You’re really lucky guy!
by Jallllom12 November 18, 2018
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A beautiful girl! You are very lucky to have her in your life. She is caring and loving. She keeps your secrets, but sometimes an asshole. She love u tho heh.
Damn, jadee is beautiful!”
Hell yeah she is!”
by Jallllom12 June 17, 2018
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An adorably handsome boy who will melt your heart. Usually has deep dimples

Is not only cute but also has brains and a caring heart.
"He's adorable"
"Ofc his name is Jadee"
by hoothootdouble December 18, 2017
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A lame Macedonian with a scooby doo like haircut who resembles a pixie
Woah its a Jadee!
by Rabbits are amazing March 30, 2011
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A state of disillusionment and sadness. You see through everything and have no illusions about what is true. So many negative things have happened that it becomes difficult to stay positive about what once gave you hope and joy. Sometimes you might think there's hope, but then more negative things happen in the aspect you are jaded in, and you become more jaded. This can be felt in many different aspects: Love, friendship, politics, trust, music, objects, etc.

Actions, people, places and things can all leave you jaded.
"She tried so hard but always failed in his eyes. She became jaded and stopped caring about him, but now she has no attraction to anyone else either once they get close to her or even attempt to."

or "She's SO jaded that she will never fall in love again. She can't, she sees through everyone and their intentions. Even her best friend wasn't there for her when she needed her most. Now she has no faith in anyone as a friend, how could she? No one has ever been there for her like she would be and has been for them."

or "She's jaded and alone, but she'll be fine, b/c she doesn't need anyone. Not for more than the basic necessities. She doesn't trust anyone with her heart anymore and is highly cautious of letting anyone in."

Or "She thought there would be a good candidate for once in the 2012 elections, but the primaries were rigged and she became jaded with the whole political charade"

or "She kept on buying headphones b/c one earbud would always give out. She began to expect it and figured it would always happen. She became jaded with cheap headphones. She bought a $20 pair that still work to this day, she will never get cheap ones again. And if she does, she knows what to expect" (lol)
by SophiNightBird August 5, 2015
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An asian girl that studies too much. She's pretty chill when she's not studying and knows how to have fun. Don't anger her in any circumstances, her inner bitch with rip you to shreds. She loves her family, close friends, and boyfriend. If you're none of those don't even try.
P1: I think I'm falling for Jadely, should I cat call her?
P2: Nah she'll chop your balls off, she hates that shit
P3: Damn, I'll just give Jadely a love letter then.
by CarrieUnderwear_96 January 30, 2020
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Jade is this awesome girl who is funny and always lights up a room with her smile. She makes you laugh when you swear you're about to cry. She trusts until she can't anymore, but only because you gave her a reason. She is loyal and sensitive and stands up for what she believes in. She believes in fairy tales and happily ever after. Don't mess with her or her friends, she'll make you regret it. She's popular and has been through so much. She won't let anything stop her from chasing her dream. She is consistently there for everyone and will never let you down. Once you meet her you have to hold on as tight as you can to her friendship and never let it go.
"Jade is my best friend."
by Smilz4evr April 12, 2013
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