To whistle or yell something sexually suggestive to a stranger, usually in passing. Often this is used by sexually frustrated males as a way of getting attention from females. It is not a recommended method of flattering someone.
"I was minding my own business at a bus stop when some creep shouted 'nice rack' out of his car window at me."
"Eeew, I hate cat calls. I'm so sorry someone made you feel uncomfortable like that."
by chicgeeknicole November 17, 2016
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When a guy gives the wert whirl whistle or yells at a babydoll for the purpose of getting attention and in hopes of a future hookup. This is usually done out of the window of a car. Typically a Pontiac Firebird, or Camaro.

99.9% a hookup never arises and it's just the thrill that keeps these going.
Good News: Johnny got laid by giving a CAT CALL. BAD NEWS: The CAT CALL was given by the JUNIOR High School, and not the SENIOR high school, so Johnny is doing 10 - 20.

Billy and Tommy got grounded when Lisa tattled on them for doing CAT CALLS on the playground.
by Brownie Johnson August 11, 2006
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sexual jaunter aimed towards a female who slides down O'Malley's Alley(the single greatest multitude of masculinity on the planet) like butter dripping off a hot biscuit.
The air was thick with cat calls as the vivacious feline sauntered in to the heart of O'Malley's Alley.
by master man dude February 23, 2010
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Exemplified in the main chorus in 3Oh!3's song Starstrukk.

Stereotypical whistle in which a male uses to convey his pleasure he has undergone simply from glimpsing upon an attract female visage. Usually leads to sexual intercourse.


DO NOT use on cats.
Nice legs, daisy dukes, makes a man go *insert cat call*
by Townsperson June 18, 2009
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Rude sexual remarks made by men passing women on the street. Usually “cat calls” are about the woman’s body as a whole or a certain feature.
“Damn girl that ass looks fine”-Guy on the street

“Ugh, I’m so tired of cat calling!” -Woman the guy yelled at
by StrangeDefinitionsWithMe December 7, 2017
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Usually a whistle or comment that is almost always sexual. It most of the time is from a man to a woman. No one likes it so people need to stop.
Alex- *Walking to Work*
Random Stranger- Nice Ass!
Alex- (now feels really uncomfortable from the cat call)
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Rude sexual remarks or unwarranted honking of a car made by both men and women to passing people on the street. Usually “cat calls” are about a certain feature of a person, or their body as a whole.
‘I’d lick you up baby’ - Guy/Girl cat calling an annoyed stranger on the street

“Ugh, I just got cat called on my way to work” - the person who was yelled at
by AStrangerDefining October 16, 2021
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