Most people have illusions abouts sth but when they are disillusioned their illusions go away and they see things as they really are. Dark and ugly.
The disillusionment of pakistani people with their status quo politicians is probably complete although not so with their military.
by tauseef31 November 24, 2011
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Last night was very disillusional
by Mr- August 13, 2007
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That one night of drunkenness wherein you find out (by accident, serendipity, or some twist of fate) that your girl friends don't exactly think you're as pretty as you think you are.
Girl: Who's prettier, Jane or me???
Friend: (pauses) You know how when someone is SO evil that even though they're really pretty they like, not look so pretty anymore? I think Jane's like that..

And that, folks, is Disillusionment.
by catfight12 January 4, 2009
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Kanye disillusionment syndrome us the belief that all of rapper/singer/producer Kanye Wests music is bad or unfavorable because he has had some bad takes.
"Damn dude Gold Digger, Bound 2, POWER, Stronger, 'friends' in Paris, all trash!"

"Nah homie you just got that Kanye disillusionment syndrome"
by Drewscoob February 27, 2021
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/prīm disəˈlo͞oZHənmənt ˈsinˌdrōm/

When someone refuses in spite of obvious and irrefutable evidence that Priming does not positively effect the matchmaking time of online games.
Boy's, I think we need to talk, I'm really concerned about JZ. Last night we repeatedly entered games with extreme ease with the help of priming. I think he may be suffering from Prime Disillusionment Syndrome, he may need professional help.
by KRENDLE December 1, 2021
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The moment when that cute thing you type online sounds dumb when you say it out loud in real life. Like when you actually say "sneks" out loud.
"Hey, come check out this reddit for sneks."
"For what?"
"For sne-... Never mind I just realized this is stupid and a waste of everyone's time. "
"You just had Online Phonetic Palatability Disillusionment didn't you"
"Yeah, it hurts a little."
by Dr. Kissinger July 6, 2017
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Da feeling of "empty letdown after having toiled for nothing" dat you experience as an adult after you'd studied your a** off in grade school about certain strongly-hyped-and-pushed-for-their-supposedly-great-importance subjects (history, science, botany, biology, etc.) other than da "three R's", only to find dat in reality you seldom if ever need any of dat knowledge in your everyday working/home life, and dat others merely stare at you like you're some kinda brainiac nerd when ya mention anything from your vast knowledge of said subjects dat they had long forgotten about or not even bothered to really learn very well themselves in their own school years.
My third-grade teacher always really drove us to learn about da history of San Francisco, yet never once in the ensuing decades have I **ever** hadda use my knowledge of who William Leidesdorff or Amadeo Giannini was --- talk about post-graduation disillusionment!
by QuacksO March 18, 2019
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