Ther ethics of smoking maryjane

Puff Puff Pass
"p3 bitch, p3 bitch"
by DarkLotus666 September 19, 2006
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Evolution of the word "Owned"

Owned ->
Pwned ->
Pwn3d ->
Dude, you just got totally P3'd by Johnny Cage!
by Nekoniku June 7, 2005
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A P3 was originaly an unfinished drawing of a penis, but now has come to mean penis. Also, P base three and P base four minus one.
I started drawing a penis on my friend's homework but I only managed a

"Quit grabbing your P3 in public, Mark, it's impolite."
by The Horned Water January 26, 2005
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derived from the name James Devin Johnson :
James/Jimmy = another word for penis, Devin = another word for penis, Johnson = another word for penis //
a short meaning for : penis, penis, penis. //
(also see "P to the Power of Three" and "P cubed")
yo yo yo P3 in the hizzy house, shoop shoop! P3 be kick out the old school beats baby.
by getitgetitbebe July 11, 2008
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A prestiged three claudette main that doesn't do anything the entire game like a lazy bum and always loves to self care in the corner of the map.
Meg : Haha i love speed

P3 Claudette : Haha Self care go brrr
by pyrodog January 22, 2021
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5u(k |\/\y P3|\|15 |\|008!
by $lim $hady November 4, 2008
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Obviously, you don’t know maths.
Teacher: Final the value of P in P3=N15
You: P=5N
by UnDream September 21, 2021
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