A very restless man in bed that never wants to quit.
That Jacobson was unbelievable last night!
by redsharpie34295 December 14, 2010
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1) A guy who professes to not be into a certain type of girl such as blondes or tall girls, yet will purposely ask out and date outside of his type when a friend mentions someone he'd like to ask out.

2) An insecure person with no thought or consideration for the feelings of others.
Cliff was surprised to find out that Aaron Jacobsoned him by going out with a refined girl like Susan especially when Aaron always seemed to prefer trashy women with no morals.
by Sharpie22 March 3, 2009
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A cruiser bicycle that has a small gasoline engine installed on it.

The rider is usually a dirt-bag pot head with a man-purse slung over his shoulder,

and takes his strip of road out of the middle of your lane.

Wife: What the hell is that?

Husband: An enviro-fag on his Marley Jacobson.

Wife: Is that a purse he's carrying?

Husband: Would you mind if I just took him out with the truck?
by YouAlreadyKnowWhoIAm August 20, 2013
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a pseudonym that people usually use, whenever they want to post racist comments about black people on a porn site. (most commonly seen on xnxx.com)
(guy reading comments on porn site): "Man, this Col. Jacobson is a racist mudafucker, fuck him!"
by Laskou January 13, 2011
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The livening embodiment of hell if you find this teacher run for your fricking life. get the Frick out and do crazy crap to get expelled
Friend: hey are you ready for 6th grade?
Me: I heard mrs Jacobson works there...
Friend: wanna run away
Me: frick yeah
by pastas64 November 24, 2019
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A man who often gets called “Jake Jake” that has huge muscles and will definitely steal yo girl.
“Yo start PUMPIN ur fist and take ur shirt off like Jake Jacobson”
“Mom, Jake fxcked my prom date !”
by Piratesfan08 March 2, 2022
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William Jacobson is the an incredible person who has touched many peoples lives in countless ways. Just being in the same room as him is a blessing in itself because he radiates an energy so powerful which heals a person's soul. He is kind, generous, intelligent and is deeply loved by people around him. To meet him is the most fortunate gift i have ever received in my life. love is the greatest power in this world and William has given me the hope of love. his inner beauty shines through and you can see it on his handsome face. He is giving, selfless and people are attracted to him for his wonderful heart.
one who has William Jacobson in their life has their stars in a very fortunate position. he's amazing
by redbricks32 July 2, 2010
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