when someone dates someone significantly younger than they are. for example - 26 and 18.
Are you hooking up with the high school intern?
Yeah - He's my prom date.
by Christine Elaine January 22, 2008
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In golf, if you hit a putt and it goes around the entire circumfrence of the hole (the lip) but doesn't go in. All lip, no hole.
I thought that putt was going down, but it really was just a prom date.
by TitoJackson July 25, 2009
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When a 45 year old mullet wielding, fake-tan having, sunglass wearing, super dyke-type female calls your bat phone talking about going out together to get beers and then saying "whatever happens, happens" which ultimately gives you free reign to the merkin covered beefy curtain. This isn't just a regular date, it is the most special of dates and that being a prom date.
This bitch, who works with me, called me up stuttering and stammering about going out for some beers and when I told my friends about it, they said do you want us to book you a limo for your prom date?
by Zee Assman February 21, 2005
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(n.) the condition of a semi-forced, semi-serious relationship resulting between two people who are going to prom together. This normally includes texting, brief hangouts, and any other activities that would "set up" the night of prom. Normally, such a relationship lasts from the instant when the dates decide to go together until the morning after prom.
Person 1: Hey so are George and Stacey together?

Person 2: No, they're just prom dating.
by Praerk May 1, 2010
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the person you hook up with after prom when its not your prom date
john is going to prom with Lisa but his after prom date is Jessica.
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When your prom date decides she cant go with you to prom and you make outrageous untrue lies about that person.
Kevin: Mick, Adam, what happened to your prom dates?

Mick: My date died in a murder rape suicide.

Adam: My date is pregnant. I just cant take a pregnant chick to prom.

Kevin: Those sound like Prom Date Lies.
by The Juice 47 May 14, 2009
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Her prom date was Ringo the billy goat. What do expect an Alabama Prom Date to be?
by TBagger2008 August 31, 2009
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