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A high school or college athlete - often times a football, lacrosse, or baseball player - who won't go out in public without sporting his team gear. Jacketeers are either rocking their team-issued sweats, warm ups, or team jacket (hense the word "jacketeer") everywhere they go. Why?

Because Jacketeers are obsessed with getting casual observers (especially lacrosstitutes and cheerleaders) to realise they're on the team, mostly because they're searching for some type of recognition they don't get on the field, since they're always bench warmers.

The Jacketeer is the douche who's always saying at parties "Yo, what time's practice tomorrow?" whenever there are girls around. This is a pathetic attempt to make sure every vaj on campus knows he's on the team. He has no idea his teammates think he's a joke.
Dude #1: How much you guys wanna bet that freshman wears his team sweats to the party tonight? Worst Jacketeer in history.

Dude #2: I'll be surprised if he does't show up in Under Armour tight gear w/ his name and number on the back.

Dude #1: I bet he fucks w/ his elbow pads on.

Dude# #2: You know he's gonna get a tattoo w/ two lax sticks in the formation of an "X" on his calf, w/ his number and team logo, right?

Dude #2: Please tell me you're joking. Thats it. We're gonna hafta keep putting this dude through initiate til he quits. What a tool shed.
by Rye Pie February 01, 2008
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One who preaches the importance of wearing jackets during cold weather.
John: Dude you should really wear a jacket right now its freezing.
Mike: Whatever man, stop being such a jacketeer.
by vandygoddess August 26, 2012
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