someone who is spilling out their guts about how they feel and such

you can be a sap when you are talking about how you feel about love life etc
joe liked mary and he always tell his boys that.
his boys would call him a "sap"
by _bbycakes November 15, 2009
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A fool; someone who is prone to being taken advantage of, or who has been taken advantage of, usually in a situation that is easily perceived by others as foolhardy.
This is the third time Joe bought vanishing cream off the internet; what a sap!
by Sap_Master November 24, 2004
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You're nothing but an ol sap.
by Mc FaItHlEsS November 2, 2012
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Noun. Insult. A person whose character has a spiritually debilitating effect on others. Typically an unhappy person who perenially moans to others but can also be someone who exhibits annoying behaviour.
Mike droans on and on about conspiracy theories - what a sap!
by Dan Fox July 4, 2003
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Verb: To make someone leave or at least shut up. Used in eSports tournaments when a caster tells an unfunny jokes or makes a bad analysis and Twitch chat would spam for the caster to be "sapped". The term originates from the Hearthstone card Sap which returns an enemy minion from the battlefield back into their hand.
*caster makes a lame joke*
Twitch chat: SAP CASTERS
by opobdtfs February 23, 2017
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