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someone who is spilling out their guts about how they feel and such

you can be a sap when you are talking about how you feel about love life etc
joe liked mary and he always tell his boys that.
his boys would call him a "sap"
by _bbycakes November 15, 2009
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Referring to the heavy unfashionable winter jacket and patterned mittens Sanders wore to the inauguration of Joe Biden.
Its brutally cold outside this morning so be sure you're Bundled Like Bernie!
by Talk2me-JCH January 24, 2021
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A fool; someone who is prone to being taken advantage of, or who has been taken advantage of, usually in a situation that is easily perceived by others as foolhardy.
This is the third time Joe bought vanishing cream off the internet; what a sap!
by Sap_Master November 24, 2004
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Someone who is being love-dovey with opposite sex. Talking on the phone, texting, making subliminal messages on twitter or facebook.


Playing slow music, love music, being soft .
" last night my man was tryna sap "

" i'm feeling like a big sap "
by @ohhweeetiab September 22, 2010
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Enjoys his fair share of sausage, and is well equipped to operate a microwave, often using both in conjunction
Sap carefully removed the radioactive sausage from the appliance, as to not alert anyone of his dumbfuckery
by oldladypunter September 03, 2020
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Boy: I fucked this girl's insides then her S.A.P hit me.

Boy 2: Damn bro you better get that checked out.
by Yung Sponge October 28, 2020
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