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A location, usually a bedroom where a group of mates hang out. 'The Shack' is characterised by being a complete mess. A night at 'The Shack' generally consists of extensive drinking, smoking and chundering. 'The Shack' provides a relaxed environment for topics such as politics, racial issues and how awful Morrissey is to be discussed at length. Constant visitors of 'The Shack' are said to experience increasing shakiness and unsteadiness. Occasionally the shack's intoxicated host will rinse out some tunes on his flute, much to the members' applause.
dude1: whats happening tonight?
dude2: heading to the shack
dude1: ah! so we are in for a night of chundericious fun then!
by a patron of the shack January 01, 2008
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Sam: Wow, I can’t believe we just won that relay race!
Cat: we did it Joe 😭😭
by Zozogabobo December 04, 2020
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A mythical structure that would have been placed in the backyard of the user. There would be minimal amenities inside of it; electricity, heating, cooling, seats, a table - nothing too fancy. The sides of the building, however, would have holes drilled into it so paid workers could blow "shotties" through the holes, thus helping the occupants to get "hotboxed" inside the building.

The building could also be used to have sex with girls when no other location is available. (See "Shack 'Er")
"We are meeting up at The Shack to smoke a bag, you coming?"
by The Last Shot Caller November 28, 2007
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The most ghetto house you can find in a suburban neighborhood. Often smells like cat shit.
Example 1-

GOD FUCKING DAMMIT! This cat's ass shoots out shit like old faithful shoots out boiling water!

Example 2-

Fuck...FUCK!....did i step in it?, ok thank god...well thats your typical day at the shack
by Don't toch me there October 17, 2010
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Just maybe one of the best books ever written about God. In my opinion it is right up there with the bible. Though the shack is fiction it fills in the gaps in the relationship with God.
written by William P. Young
"have you read The Shack yet?"
"no dude, i've been wanting to though!"
by Mr. Kipp September 05, 2007
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the happenin'est little party house in nyc. home to most SGNY (suicidegirls) parties.
Hey, didn't i make out with you at the shack?
by shackster November 13, 2003
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Sort of like saying something is 'the shizz', etc. etc.
Recycling is the shack.
by I am the shack July 10, 2008
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