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A big fat girl that hangs out with a hot girl and cockblocks every guy that tries to talk to the hot girl. This is done because the big fat girl is a hater and is jealous of the hot girl and wants the hot girl to be lonely and miserable just like her.
Joe: I think I could go home with that fine blonde over there but that ugly fat bodyguard girl keeps cockblocking me . I'm getting no where!

Grant: no worries pimpin, I'll take one for the team and hit on the bodyguard. That will distract her so you can make your move.

Joe: you are a true friend
by TheLightbringer412 November 21, 2009
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Jul 24 Word of the Day
It’s an acronym standing for Can’t Remember A Fucking Thing. It’s usually used to describe embarrassment at being unable to remember someone (CRAFT moment); going onstage as the lead in the latest theatrical performance and your mind goes completely blank (CRAFT situation); the next morning after a night when you got pissed as a fart and woke up in bed cuddling a traffic cone and a string of fairy lights wound round your prick.
“Where did you go after we left the pub?”
“Dunno, CRAFT.”
by AKACroatalin November 07, 2015
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1. people who save bodies (as in people)

2. lifeguards with bodies (as in hott)
hott lifeguards (bodyguards)
by brunette768 May 01, 2009
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The cock blocking fat bitch between you and the hot chick, usualy her best friend.
I trying to get to the chick at the bar but she's got a fucking body guard. This is why you need a wingman.
by Poondangle May 25, 2008
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1. A word used as a replacement when you don't know what to say to someone

2. A thug way of shouting out to another gangster
C:"Ay yo J.Crew you check dat bitch out ova there fureal, her donk is about a 10 or above!"
J: "Ha yeah Prototype C I want to feel dat bitch's donk on da scraight, bodyguard!"
by Prototype C May 10, 2010
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