To determine if a video or photo is hot enough to jerk off to.
The Kim K sextape isn’t even jackable.
by Kelp salad December 1, 2019
i girl that is hot enough to be jacked off to
"Shes jackable"
by Hortinstein June 4, 2003
A building, fence, object or structure that poses such a risk that it becomes a barrier to entry and requires further brainstorming to find a diversion or incites an unlawful entry.
Jack - that electrified, razor wire, German Shepard patrolled perimeter is definitely not jackable

Other Guy - Watch me and see how it’s done

Jack - *severed by fence spike, entangled in razor wire & watching ear run away in mouth of rabid dog*
by Sangha45 May 7, 2019
worthy of spewing a load all over one's belly
The nude photos of Hillary Clinton were so jackable that I couldn't hold my load back anymore and came five times
by Anonymous June 25, 2003
Something or someone able to be fucked
that hot sexy bitch is so fucking jackable
by DEMON GOD May 16, 2003
a quality in ones balls that makes them very easily jacked.

(see: jackulent)
why may i jack your jackable balls?
by xxoo May 15, 2003
Adjective. Sexually appealing enough to be accurately represented as a pornographic pancake.
I found the Virgin Mary divinely portrayed on my pancake; I suspect the actual character was deemed flap-jackable.
by David Capito November 17, 2008