Eat out a girls ass whilst having a wank, finish all over her ass and back.
Thats a phat ass, let me Kim K you?
by JC1995 April 2, 2018
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"OMG she is such a Kim K"

by "Axeled it" June 3, 2016
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Who dah heck is Kim K?! I only know Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, and Kim Taehyung.
Kim K is a model?! Kim Taehyung can end this woman’s career and that’s on PERIODT
by 🍒~Choi Min Chim~🍒 December 29, 2021
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Whilst many think of Kim Kardashian, the real Kim K is a beautiful, kind and amazing girl, who never fails to impress. Whislt she may say stupid things at times, she is always funny. She is also the best girlfriend any dude can have. Also very sexy and talented.
Kim K is a real sweetheart.
Why is Kim K so beautiful?
Dude, did you see Kim K, she is a real sweetheart!!

I love Kim K.
by Louis Louis Louis July 10, 2017
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that which you call someone who is always on the phone. in reference to Kim Kardashian.
by ellie kb September 8, 2010
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(noun) When a spoiled bitch who is usually beautiful cries like a horse giving birth. This cry is mostly seen in girls whom which did not get something overly extravagant and/or completely unnecessary yet it makes them bawl their eyes dry. The name originates from the celebrity Kim Kardashian whom which has the most intense crying face you'll ever lay eyes on.
Her dad got her a jetta for her birthday instead or a porsche and I swear she had the biggest Kim K cry I've ever seen.
by unicornpixisatan November 16, 2013
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