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The subject must be at least 6 foot tall for this term to be used. It occurs when one male of at least 6 feet in height is dancing typical Caucasian moves with a newly acquainted female counterpart, and then an even taller male rudely jumps in between the two with spastic, over-the-top "Night At The Roxbury" moves resulting in the aforementioned male being cast aside to either the left or right of the female wondering what the fuck just happened.

This happened to me last night at a dance club and I immediately coined the phrase due to my sharp wit and ability to straight clown someone that cockblocks me.
"Dude last night I was doing The Watusi with this chica, and outta nowhere this lanky cracker 'Jack-and-the-beanstalked' me."
by DuValicious April 21, 2013
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