Jesse Davis Information or JDI is when someone who attempts to Doxx someone but having no idea how, produces incorrect information.
That dude has no idea what he was doing, total JDI.
by NOTHINGyouCANdo April 10, 2019
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Person 1: I don't know whether I should go or not
Person 2: JDI
by uuuumad1 August 16, 2011
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Stands for job done ‘im. Most commonly said after the completion of a task. Generally accepted that it has a positive connotation, meaning that the task has been completed to a satisfactory or above satisfactory level. Can often follow a bit of GSIN. Common mistake is to pronounce the ‘h’ and say ‘Job done him’. Anyone who does this is most likely a sharp tool.
Evan Evans: Merz, I can’t believe you put Meer’s filing cabinet key in jelly. You are my hero!
Merz: Job done ‘im. Now go get me a coffee!

Hutnut: Sven, have you done the carbon price report?
Sven: JDI dude!
Hutnut: Huh?! Not sure that’s fully correct usage bro. It’s a good carbon price report but I wouldn’t say it’s been done to a satisfactory level. In fact it’s a shit carbon price report. BaNg!

Limloid: Shafe have you done that brief?
Shafe: Job done him!
Limloid: You are such a sharp tool. Also where the fuck is my cake?
by hesagoodboyathinduwisdom June 2, 2010
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A guy with dreamy, hazel, vampire eyes, unbelievable, luscious blonde hair, and a perfect smile that will absolutely take your breath away.

A guy who will never let you down
A guy who'll put you before himself.
A guy that will never disappoint you, no matter what he does.

He has a body like no other, with nice, tan muscles and perfect 6-pack abs.
He's definitely the hottest guy ever.
He plays almost every sport in the book, but his favorite is football, which he's a beast at.

He's smart, hilarious, and has a personality that you will immediately fall in love with.

He's a guy that's known to never cry, unless it comes to one certain person.
Also, no matter how hurt he is, he will fight through it all.

This guy is just the sweetest and most affectionate guy you'd ever meet.
John Iwaniec is the definition of PERFECT.
"dang, he's definitely JDI with that body."
by soccergirl77 May 23, 2010
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Sombody with some smelly hair
Oh that jdis they need to shower
by Ik vendetta May 15, 2021
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