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Jesse Davis Information or JDI is when someone who attempts to Doxx someone but having no idea how, produces incorrect information.
That dude has no idea what he was doing, total JDI.
by NOTHINGyouCANdo April 09, 2019

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A McCommunist is someone who support extreme leftist and or Communist views (to appear progressive and or cool) but at the same time refuses to give up their Capitalist lifestyle and freedoms.
1. Man Jesse Davis is such a McCommunist. He talks all day about over throwing the government but does so from his IPhone.

2. A poser.
by NOTHINGyouCANdo April 08, 2019

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1. A word or sound made when guzzling a drink.

In conversation: Man he galouking his soda.

In sound: Galouk... galouk... galouk...
by NOTHINGyouCANdo April 11, 2019

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