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Stands for job done ‘im. Most commonly said after the completion of a task. Generally accepted that it has a positive connotation, meaning that the task has been completed to a satisfactory or above satisfactory level. Can often follow a bit of GSIN. Common mistake is to pronounce the ‘h’ and say ‘Job done him’. Anyone who does this is most likely a sharp tool.
Evan Evans: Merz, I can’t believe you put Meer’s filing cabinet key in jelly. You are my hero!
Merz: Job done ‘im. Now go get me a coffee!

Hutnut: Sven, have you done the carbon price report?
Sven: JDI dude!
Hutnut: Huh?! Not sure that’s fully correct usage bro. It’s a good carbon price report but I wouldn’t say it’s been done to a satisfactory level. In fact it’s a shit carbon price report. BaNg!

Limloid: Shafe have you done that brief?
Shafe: Job done him!
Limloid: You are such a sharp tool. Also where the fuck is my cake?
by hesagoodboyathinduwisdom June 01, 2010

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