1. a pack of six cans or bottles of beer

2. a very muscular abdomen and chest

What happened to the 6-pack.
by The Return of Light Joker November 1, 2007
the square abdominal muscles found on the abdomen resulting from stomach excercises
she ran her fingertips across my 6-pack
by ik1470 May 16, 2005
Taking a girl and putting middle finger in the ass, and your thumb in the vagina and lift up.
Last night Joe walked in on me carrying Christine in the 6-pack
by D-Train@ECU November 6, 2007
It's where you hold your girl like a 6 pack. Ring and middle finger in the vagina and thumb in the ass. also called a bowling ball.
I got a perfect score last night bro! I got a 6 pack of ass!
by Ricckjames October 14, 2015
40 pounds of extra weight layered over what one would assume to be abs.
Why can't you finish those leg throw downs? Come on 6 pack!!
by JT_money June 1, 2011
the 6 pack of beer (or any beverage) that is rewarded to a volleyball player by the coach or rest of the team. when the said player spikes or serves the ball and it hits an opposition player square in the face.

often results in a bloody nose and a crushed ego
fuck man thats the 3rd guy this game that you've 6 packed
by balvball January 17, 2011
Get ur six packs bro
Wow! 6 packs!
by That_was_fun January 20, 2020