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It sells itself as a religion of peace(uh-huh) and what it essentially is it's a traditional, somewhat universal (compared to judaism) abrahamic religion with political ambitions and a rather strict code of laws (sharia, halal-haram, etc.).

Well, that's what I thought until I've heard the whole Aisha deal...
4chan: Islam - more liek Winslam, am I rite gaiz?

Me: Argh, STFU already! Go back to /d/!/facepalm
by Senex September 19, 2008
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A religion that teaches that its followers will eventually rule the world, and thus take credit for destroying the Soviet Union, when Ronald Reagan was in fact responsible. They think that the destruction of America is in their future, and will never cease their attack on the West and America. Thus, they need to be persuaded that their doctrine is wrong if they are ever to stop their attacks on America.
BTW, the followers of Islam, the Muslims, do NOT believe in the same God as the Christians do. Christians believe in the Godhead, or Trinity. Muslims believe in a unitarian god, which they call Allah.
by PowellRanger August 21, 2006
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You want the long story... read definition 5 by Emi Love.
Islam is a religion in the world whose follower are thinking that they are the only religion which is right. Their follower's mind still work in the medieval time.
They also considered woman as a second grade human being.
My neighbour forced his wife to wear cover as a sign of Islam follower.
by gurubesar December 12, 2007
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Islam is the arabs's version of Christianity. The arabs did not have a religion in the 6th century so they decided they should have their own because they did not like the fact that the Jews had their religion and the Christians had theirs and they had none and that was very humiliating for them.

So they invented their own religion mainly by copying bits and pieces from Judaism and Christianity and then called it Islam. Then they made up pieces as they went along over the years and voila instant religion! Now the followers of Islam get very touchy about their religion and they go around trying to convince the world that they are very nice people by showing lots of pictures of children and girls in Islamic dress and when they can, they kill anyone that does not believe them.

Allah does not exist, he was invented by deluded desert people of Arabia and Mohamed was not a prophet. And Islam is the biggest hoax pulled on humanity that has gotten more people to suffer and be killed than the devil ever could.
by Rahmadi January 08, 2007
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Islam is a cult of hate, murder and mayhem which propogates voilence in the name of the ancient moon god of the arabs called "Allah".

Muslims like to fancy themselves as the followers of the last revielved words of God who they call Allah, also reffered to as Allahu Akbar

islam promotes polygamy, child molestation, rape and incest. The reason why most Muslims are metally retarded is that they tend to marry within their families thus producing retarded children
Jihad Jane: Allahu Akbar let's kil those infidel's (Islam)
Jihad Jane' brother: Let fuck and have a dozen piglets before that(Islam
by Jihad Jane March 18, 2010
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A Weapon of Mass Destruction

Short for Islamyoutopieces

Synonym: stupidity, hypocrisy
Islam is the most destructive force in the universe.

Imam: We will launch Islam into Britain, France, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and the rest of the Western world. That should take apart their society and allow us to be overlords! Lol!
by GodofTenjouTenge October 17, 2010
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