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A superior brand of toilet paper, famous for its cleaning capabilities of removing excess fecal matter from the rectum after defacating. It also has many other uses such as wiping vaginal blood, cleaning up after masturbation, and can even be used as kindling for a camp fire.
Make sure you bring enough Koran for your camping trip.
by tinklemint September 16, 2006
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A particularly nice brand of toilet paper, often provided free by Saudi Arabians.
Damn, I took a nasty, runny, ham-and-bacon shit and then realized I didn't have any Koran. I'll have to use Charmin until I can get the Saudi embassy to send me some more free koran.
by Nigslayin May 27, 2016
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An archaic book of nonsense which crazy people use as justification for their murderous or barbaric deeds.
Person 1 : "I feel like doing something crazy tonight, but I need justification"

Person 2 : (Hands person 1 a copy of the Koran) "Here ya go buddy, close your eyes, pick a page and then pick a verse. That imaginary Allah dude will be stoked that you're dumb enough to go to jail for this shit".
by Macbeth the Wonderslave December 02, 2009
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Its a blue print for hate, terrorism and wars, if its in the hands of terrorists.
Crazy bastards knock down bulidings over this book? what fucking idiots.
by loca February 07, 2005
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Is a ripped off version of The Bible. Koran was written after the Torah, in the late 7th century, while much of the Torah was written at least 3,000 years ago.

They said that Abu Bakr, The Prophet Muhammad 's moral guidance did the book 25 years after Muhammad died.

The Koran, Satan's addition to The Bible.

In Muslim heaven the men get to have sex with 77 virgins in front of God. Wow! What do the women get? And do you really think that heaven is a place where men have orgies? lol Wow these people r already burning 4 believing such evil! lol
by wisemansaid August 24, 2006
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The "holy book" to all Islamic peoples. If read, one would find that they want to "slice the fingers and necks of the unbeleivers" and force them into "submission" into the Islamic faith.
A book written by Mohammed (Probably while he was doing drugs) in which if when you die in good faith, you go to heaven to bang 12 year old boys and 12-19 year old virgin girls.
Reading the Koran is Terrorism
by Bobby Spinx August 26, 2005
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