Popular worldwide religious writings, including such books as the Bible, the Talmud, the Qur’an, the Book of Mormon, the Sikh scriptures, the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, David Letterman’s 10 Ten Lists, or any works by Douglas Adams.
The Qur'an is just another fill-in-the-blank-holy-book, in the the same way the bible a Holy Book for Christians.
by Buckaroo May 11, 2006
An act of shoving a holy book down one's throat (or fingers when typing over the internet).
Amey: I find it fascinating that God is praised for the same ol' world that ever lived and today we blame one another for.

TJay: Your whole diatribe is baseless & not based on the Bible at all.

Amey: I wasn't talking about The Bible.

TJay: Religions per say, are not neccessarily based on the Bible, so blaming God himself for what 'others' say about the Bible, doesn't make their statements true does it!? Here is the the solution: First..READ The ACTUAL BIBLE. Gain therfore HIS thoughts, not mans. And then make your considered opinion.

Amey: Don't deep-throat a holy book unto me.
by Nãvnã October 30, 2011
you have solved my puzzle once Again, what you seek is far from holy, what you seek is something worthy to thee.
you mAy think you are done, you make me lAugh, solve my puzzle again so you can learn something worthy.
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The Holy Book is not Holy, rather it is a belief.
by Skeletor.ca April 15, 2020
A book of deliverance mentioned to arrive in the end-times by God's arch messenger, Michael, in Daniel 12:1, Malachi 3:1, and Revelations 10:1-11. The leader prophet "Naziyr" will deliver as foretold in Jeremiah chapter 30.
"You got that new Bible called, "The Holy Book of the Prophesied Counselor" yet?"
by The Covenant Messenger July 21, 2021
Hey you did you do your daily routine of praying to the supreme holy book " yeah I did actually"
by xellkkk May 15, 2018