Luke:"He's an Iowan, because he lives in Iowa"

Mr.Anal "wow no way!"
by Luke Johnson, Iowan February 24, 2005
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Any really kool giant that lives in the
area of the U.S. 90° to 96° W and 40° to 43° N

Also the adjective describing something from that area.
That 7-ft tall gal must be Iowan.
by Bandita Chinchilla March 19, 2009
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Only used in Wales, means the same as 'Keith' in England. A geek or nerd, someone without a clue who is usually a bit anal.
God, you're acting like a right Iowan
by Andy Williams September 20, 2003
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When you are having unprotected vaginal sex from behind and when you pull out and climax, you take a couple steps back, then run up behind the female and slap her on the ass with your jizz covered penis.
Dude, this chick was soooo pissed when I gave her the Iowan Fishtail!
by FishAndSmitty April 27, 2011
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when you point your ass at someone , fart, and say iowa to conclude your performance.
“ no giving iowan kisses at school pls, they stink. poop. “
by mrbubbiesmom July 11, 2021
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After extreme vaginal intercourse your girl queefs so hard cum splatters all over everything, representing a snowstorm.
"Brooooo I totally got Iowan Snowstorm 'ed by Melissa last night!
"Ewwwww! Are you okay?!"
"Yeah man, it was great!"
by Mantine December 1, 2017
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The act of sticking a cob of corn inside of your vagina (pussy) and having a man-friend munch on it for you. Commonly practiced in Iowa.
Olivia got the best Iowan Corn Cunt last week, she has been talking about it for days.
by olivigertaddmag December 6, 2007
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