1. a plethora of cocaine; a large amount used for coc parties

2. a cocaine party (usually snorted through the nostrils)
Oh my god, I went to the most amazing snowstorm last night!
by joesmith40 September 16, 2006
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The act of receiving a blowy while one simultaneously enjoys his favorite frozen treat.
Carlos asked Yolanda for a snowstorm, so she grabbed the pail of ice cream and got down on her knees.
by Donny Lucy June 23, 2010
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when a chic or dude farts out a load of semen from their anal cavity following a good ole fashion corn holing.
Amber could not help but have a snowstorm after Garry Cline rammed her bulbous ass.
by Mark Regnidiew February 1, 2005
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When someone sticks you last second in Halo before dying. Named after a player with snowstorm in his gamer-tag infamous for doing said action.
me: *goes in for pummel*
enemy: *sticks point blank*
*both die*
by Dr Freedom April 8, 2013
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To pull your dick out as you're about to cum and wave it around like you just don't care, spraying cum all over her, giving her a snow day.
"Dude I totally gave her a snowstorm last night"

"Yeah man?"

"Pulled that shit out and sprayed jizz all over here, what a snow day that was"
by TheHatterOfMadness July 22, 2014
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When you put cocaine into a partner's asshole and they fart it into your face as you inhale.
There was a party and josh took a snowstorm from Melanie. He was messed up.
by Josh hart March 31, 2015
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Ending of a gang bang when all the guys shoot off their loads all at once on the girl/guy
We really gave that girl a bad snowstorm
by SinfulDelmin September 17, 2011
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