(1). If you came here for the Movie Interstellar you have two reason to die now.

Reason One: Searching Interstellar on Urban Dictionary

Reason Two: Not seeing Intertsellar

(2). An astronomical term meaning out side of our solar system, as to Stellar mean within our solar-system, and if you came here for the definition I still recommend you watch Intertslellar

The Probe is now Interstellar and out side of our solar-system
by Communist Teddybears May 04, 2015
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A film about space which is extremely difficult to understand.

Not for stupid people.
Jake: "have you guys seen interstellar?"
Sam: "yeah I have, you guys probably wouldn't understand it"
by NoComprendè February 09, 2017
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An act when you and your buddy twirl your cocks while trying to dock and listening to “no time for caution.” From the major motion picture soundtrack for Interstellar.
While in quarantine, my roommate and I Interstellar and have difficulty matching each other’s spin.
by Gizm May 04, 2020
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an instance or period of being under the influence of a hallucinogenic drug, esp. LSD, Marijuana.
by Vestogan May 04, 2015
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Travel between star systems - which may someday be do-able but given that even our closest star is 4.6 light years away it is something that will require technology and resources that we can only dream of by today's standards.

It is also a very big subject in science fiction; the rapid transit between star systems by faster-than-light travel; Star Trek, Star Wars, and Mass Effect are examples.
While Voyager 1 is technically making interstellar travel, at the rate it is going, it will take more than 72,000 years from now to do so.
by Nick Weiner January 31, 2009
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1. a bubble wrap suit

2. the electronic/hip hop group: the Interstellar Jumpsuits.
"nigga, i love your interstellar jumpsuit!"

"oh shit bra! have you heard the new single by the Interstellar Jumpsuits?"
by wibbles December 30, 2009
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