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A popular French name can be traced back to the Germanic name “Chlodowig”, which derived from “hold”(glory,fame) and “wig” (warrior). Chlodowig, simplified to Clovis & later Latinized to Clovis, became Ludovicus, which is known today as Ludovic.
With both, French & German traits endued, this person has a deep inner desire to make a difference. He is dynamic, visionary & versatile, able to make constructive use of freedom. Exceptionally gifted with an outstanding mindset, rarely found in any other person, this particularly intelligent individual has everything needed to succeed in whatever he aims for.
Brainpower comes here in combination with emotional intelligence & it's not surprising to see Ludovic gathered around by a crowd of people. Easily able to make new friends, he cast a spell over everybody with his fine sense of humor & becomes the center of attraction. Nevertheless people often disappoint him, as he tends to place those who he admires on a pedestal, becoming disillusioned, when they fall short of his idealistic expectations. Thus only a handful of picked people will be lucky enough to call themselves longstanding good friends.
Ludovic is born to fight being restricted by rules & conventions, which helps him at best to be not restricted in his own thinking, but fosters as well a tendency to be rebellious and restless.
Blessed with this marvelous character, Ludovic will not only be an incomparable leader, but a leader who’s name will be written into history.
A: His speech intrigued me, I think he will be able to make a difference.

B: What's his name?

A: Ludovic...
by viaiilm January 14, 2013
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