(n.) A common interest between two alienated parties who generally disagree with eachother.
Ah, I'm glad we found some common ground on the subject of gun control/ feminists/ transsexuals/ who is gayer than Elton John.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 6, 2004
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Something you only have with someone you share a home with. If your home is not the same, you have no common ground with them.
Letting somebody know that the ground they think they own was never their ground to stand isn't wrong when they're not from the ground they're trying to either stand or take over. You don't owe anybody common ground, respect or anything else.
by The Original Agahnim May 26, 2021
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Not just a bar, a cultural New York landmark.
Common Grounds hands down, equally ruined and made my life.
by common grounds February 16, 2022
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