A micro element in the Film Industry.
The use of camera positions and movements in order for the director to establish changes of situaton and mood.
While making his new horror film, Steven needed to use cinematography to show the audience what was going on.
by ryan_991 November 1, 2007
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The art of lighting, composition, and visual communication in a film. Film began as photography, then later someone got the idea to film theatre.

Thus Cinematography is the original and most important aspect of a film.
The cinematography on that new Aronofsky film was beautiful! Such color and form!
The cinematography on that was terrible, shaky, and had no sense of color.
by cine_student April 16, 2011
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the syndrome in which inhibits hyper gastrointestinal activation in pulchritudinous individuals. Primarily caused by ingesting too much caffeine in hopes of staying up to study for a test or finish a project.
My homeboy Milton last night drank 6 monsters in order to study for the final he had the next day... he got no sleep and was diagnosed with academic cinematography weaponization syndrome.
by Big W & Big D November 15, 2022
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A rule first postulated by known film director George Lucas, stating that, "In any given movie franchise, at least one third of the films will suck." In addition to his own Star Wars prequels, some examples of movie sagas that follow this rule are: the Matrix saga, The Godfather trilogy, The Planet of the Apes, Shrek.

An exception to the rule is Toy Story, while the ultimate application of the rule is the Twilight Saga, wherein all the movies suck, the novels sucked, and yet there's another movie in the making.
Son: Dad, do you want to watch the Phantom Menace?
John: There were no prequels, and I have no son.

Paul: Should we watch Godfather Part II?
Sam: Does George Lucas's first rule of cinematography apply to it?
Paul: On the contrary, it's the best in the series!
by Patiodude October 27, 2011
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