When a Fruitcake is served.

Further explanation: when someone who is rather nutty is served summons for court.
B: "Did you see the news?"

C: "No?"

B: "Trump is facing impeachment."
by BennieSilver January 17, 2020
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The public ceremony conducted in the senate where a peach is inserted into the President's anus.
That Nancy Pelosi stuffed the biggest peach I've ever seen up old Donny's bum pipe at his second impeachment! It was great!
by Cheezybrgrz January 13, 2021
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As Dr. Samuel L. Johnson said to those he was commissioned to write the first English dictionary for (obviously becoming the first English lexicographer) that he wanted them to be aware that language was a living entity which means it something that grows. Therefore, he was making the point that what he was being commissioned to do was something that would reach the place it would one day be out of date and require updating to make new words available to be included. Therefore, it's not healthy education to just accept words or non dictionaries for the sake of making it simpler for the simple minded. How words are used in their day doesn't make them legitimate. So if Clinton was impeached by the dictionary you were going by (if read further down )only leads to the question. Which impeached was he? You should say he was impeached but it never went to the judiciary hearings to determine if he would be removed from office. If I'm not mistaking that would be the senate. Grammar or anything associated with it that is unacceptable in upscale schools, Ivy League schools, or by an attorney on the level of a Roy Black, or Alan Dershowitz isn't fit for this nation. Our country has been dumbed down enough by the last two Republican presidents, reality tv which dominates our airwaves and stupid commercials with too much dancing which has nothing to do with the product and cute kids who know more than the parents.
Impeach Trump.
by allshepp August 14, 2018
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A Germanic word meaning fuck Drumpft
Man I sure hope the country comes to it's senses and decided to impeach that lunatic president
by Jfredrick January 04, 2019
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Impeach is usually a term to show that your job here is done. Basically meaning your fired.
by Nijahhh December 25, 2019
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To take a shit. derived from "Her Trump out of Office" to "get Dump out of Orifice." This has the bonus of not only calling trump a shit, but also suggesting what we should do with him.
"I need to impeach." Sanders says as he walks to the toilet.
by Moralltach February 18, 2018
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