The radio signals. The FM rock transmissions. Ramones wants them...
"We want the airwaves.." they said
by Michalis E. Katsamakas September 28, 2003
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radiokimata. A Greek word meaning the radio frequences. The rock group RAMONES wanted the airwaves desperately.
We want the airwaves
by Michael E. Katsamakas September 28, 2003
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The production of a verbal onslaught characterized by harsh language, hurtful prose, and abrasive tone with full intention to cause lasting emotional damage to the subject. A successful dose of airwave hustlin' may cause the following: tears, shattered confidence, deep offense to one's family and friends.
"Yo Chris was airwave hustlin' on the reg last night. Every kid up in that place wanted to fight him, but he kept his shit real.
by hateraid13 June 28, 2010
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a kick ass alternative band fronted by blink-182's Tom Delonge. They are going for a more serious feel with the music, and they did hell of a job with it. and the band helps me through stuff sometimes. they ARE NOT EMO. if you want to hear real emo, listen to hawthorne heights, story of the year and the used while you are at it.
fan 1: lets go to an Angels and Airwaves concert.

fan 2: fuck yea lets go
by poopy woopy lol November 15, 2008
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An alternative rock band formed by former Blink-182 singer Tom DeLounge. The other three members are Ryan Sinn from The Distillers, David Kennedy from Box Car Racer and Atom Willard from The Offspring.

In my opinion, they are a great band with great potential that many people do not see. The pathetic assholes who call this band emo need to take another look. It's as if they think any song about love is considered emo. Angels And Airwaves is NOT an emo band. They simply tell stories that relate to love. But apparently in this fucked up world, you can't do that without being "emo".

One of these definitions say how their name looks like they took it from Coheed And Cambria. C&C and A&A are just two similar band abbreviations. It doesn't mean it was stolen. A&A just happened to have a similar abbreviation to Coheed And Cambria. A coincidence. No more than that.

Another definition said "shitty emo band that plays soft emo fag music." - What the hell kind of definition is that? Soft music can be the best kind sometimes. Just because you don't like their music doesn't mean you have to post your meaningless opinions about how they suck so much. You people need to get a life. Not everyone has the same taste in music, and you all have to grow up and deal with that.
Angels And Airwaves is a remarkably talented band.
by (l0ser) DefectiveProduct June 26, 2006
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Angels and airwaves is a band that was founded by rock artist Tom Delonge best know as the guitarist/vocalist for bands Blink 182 and Boxcar Racer. The band started recording on there debut album "we don't need to whisper" in early 2005 and released it in may of 2006. The band is currently working on there sophomore album "I-Empire" which is expected to be out fall of 2007. The sound of the music is a new sound with many sound effects and tools but at the same time still shows a hint of delonge's old alternative catchy ways.
angels and airwaves is a cool band
by amitylane7 July 3, 2007
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a band composed of Tom DeLonge, David Kennedy, Atom Willard, and Matt Watcher.

Tom believes that he can deliver a more mature message to the alternative rock community through this band than he could with blink. Most of the songs topics are based around passion, love, anger, fear and deeper emotions that one doesnt often find the time to get in contact with. They are a very metallic, nu wave sounding band. They change lives.
real blink fans support ava. and +44

ava fan: well, thats your opinion, i love angels and airwaves. I think toms sending out a good message to the fans.

fake blink fan: YEAH? WELL YOURE A FAG!

ava fan: *shakes head* *goes to hang out with kids that arnt retarded*
by Modxleslie August 29, 2008
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