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A smaller, more mischevious version of a demon
holy crap, its an imp!
by Aye July 29, 2003
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A small demon-ish creature that enjoys singing and causing mayhem.
Your little brother acts like such an Imp! What was he singing?!
by Lia Jones July 14, 2005
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A little creature, often hiding in cupboards, presses, or in general areas!! They are often evil!Some, however, are quite funny or amusing!
When a 'y' is added, it becomes 'impy', which means that one would look, or act particulary bad, or like a monster.
Impy is often used as a codename between friends to describe or discuss another person undetected and without their knowledge.
1. Look, theres an imp hiding over there.
2. That teacher is an imp.
3. You look very impy today.
4. You are acting very impy today.
5. isn't Impy so wierd?
by Kinky Boots!! July 22, 2008
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An IMP is what a brother of Phi Eta Psi Fratenity, inc. is recognized as. Often the brothers of Phi Eta Psi Fraternity are also recognized as the IMPerial men of Finesse, or the Iota Mu Pi's of Phi Eta Psi fraternity.
I would like to pledge Phi Eta Psi Fraternity, but I'm scared, because the IMPs pledge to hard!

Do you see that hard-lookin' guy over there, he's an IMP from Phi Eta Psi Fraternity.

The IMPs and the Emeralds of Phi Eta Psi Fraternity call themselves "The Family."
by Mr. Right! November 07, 2009
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imp, a common word used in farmers bridge, yes that is a real place, to describe people with short legs and small arms. it derives from the name of the ancient high king - well, he wasnt high so to speak, thats the point - called Sir. Impius. he crafted the most shiny stilts like EVER.

imp, is also a word used to describe something that works as an aphrodisiac
1- omg, that poor man an his impy body cant reach the cookie jar

2- man, its too bad about that car. it was really impy, the missus loved it.

imp, missus, aphrodisiac, high king
1- hey honey, that dress is sooo impy
by emmmmmmmaaa abba July 21, 2008
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