This word is actually the name of a boys car. The "Hilman Imp" is an English car and yes it is the biggest peice '0' shit you'll ever see. Someone should come an shit on it, and its driver!
Dude, i saw the Imp last night, it looked so crap i got a massive huge erection
by guzzly et al April 05, 2005
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sum retarded person named aye who thinks shes really cool(see LOSER)
by miniafromeredith July 30, 2003
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stands for many words:
important, impossible, impressive, improbable, impartial, impatient, impolite...etc.

Basically you say "that's imp" when someone tells you something and you don't know how to respond. This lets the other person decide what he wants it to mean.

Most often is used to mean impressive.
"I climbed Mt. Everest today"
"that's imp"
(did he/she mean important? impossible? impressive? improbable?)
by dudethatsIMP November 29, 2009
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Something very cool. come from the brokenness of the card Chimney Imp
Dude, that game is teh imp.
by Daenyth October 16, 2004
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sacrificing oneself, someone, or something.
imp yourself and see if that food tastes good
by shaybayy31 January 28, 2020
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A small demon-ish creature that enjoys singing and causing mayhem.
Your little brother acts like such an Imp! What was he singing?!
by Lia Jones July 14, 2005
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An individual who is trippin over a crush but continues to stay lit on the outside cuz they a real mf and not a simp.
Damn I've been $impin over this one beautiful ass female lately but don't get it twisted tho homie because I'm still lit and ain't no simp.
by Youngboy A March 25, 2019
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