Small and wierd. Like Brian in a speedo.
Wow, Brian's ears are really impy.

Brian looks so impy in those socks.
by yooneedlove May 14, 2008
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I nice shy girl. She uses discord and is a great artist. She loves anime and her grammar and punctuation is always correct. She is a great friend someone you can adore. All of these other definitions aren't true. I know an Impy and she is beautiful too.
Wow is that Impy I would love to be her friend. She's really nice.
by Fice123 August 08, 2019
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A nonbinary person, normally mistaken as a male. They can be quite nice, but don't let that fool you. They will not let people walk over them, even if they come off as a total doormat to their close friends. They come off with an intense personality, usually sticking to it until stuck to someone like an introvert to their room. Only one real person has their heart for real, even if they lie to many and say they like them to make them happy. Also, they're a total liar. Someone with the name of Impy tends to have a hard time following honesty, seeing as lying is an easier way out of things. Though their lies do contain truth.
Boy 1; Oh, man! That's Impy. He's nice.
Boy 2; Dude, they go by they/them!

Girl 1; Impy called me pretty today, I bet they're warming up to me.
Girl 2; Don't let that get to you, they're a total liar.

Girl 1; I've always wanted a friend named Impy.
Girl 2; I have a friend named Impy. They're so nice, I love them!
by TsumiInpu April 08, 2020
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a sinful act. a very spontaneous action. when you are really feeling it.

an IMP is a random adventure. spontaneous travel is very impy.
Let's get on the next flight to Vegas.
That's impy af.
by galaman007 December 08, 2015
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That cool emo kid from myspace
Omg arent yoo impy that kid from myspace
Impy can yoo strip on cam for me
OMG impy your hot lets fuck!!
by SceneCoreHero October 04, 2006
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That NS guy who asks for man secks, but asks for just a little more.. His spelling skills is the same as a retarded kid in the 3rd grade
Impy is the sort of guy who would fuck a guy in the ass, but wouldnt have the balls to swap over.
by ASSHAT December 07, 2003
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(n.) Extremely retarded player of the popular Half-Life mod, Natural-Selection. Supporter of scripts, stupidity, goatse, and hacking.
OMG ITS TEH IMPY!! f5!!!!!1!11! f431!11!1!
by [Champion] Denny November 12, 2003
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