An IMP is what a brother of Phi Eta Psi Fratenity, inc. is recognized as. Often the brothers of Phi Eta Psi Fraternity are also recognized as the IMPerial men of Finesse, or the Iota Mu Pi's of Phi Eta Psi fraternity.
I would like to pledge Phi Eta Psi Fraternity, but I'm scared, because the IMPs pledge to hard!

Do you see that hard-lookin' guy over there, he's an IMP from Phi Eta Psi Fraternity.

The IMPs and the Emeralds of Phi Eta Psi Fraternity call themselves "The Family."
by Mr. Right! November 07, 2009
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The process of sexing whilst flopping like a seal in a coma.
Mate, I was totally imping this bitch last night!
by matt & oli February 21, 2008
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An imp is a small mischevious demon-like thing who wears a multicoloured hat of doom, and has the propensity to lick people. Suspected to have jedi-like powers, these "imps" produce small furry mammals when poked by ninjas, the colour and species of which depends on the individual ninja and imp. The ubermammal in this particular case is the orange hamster, which has the inherent ability to dance in a 50s swing style to any kind of music, particularly metal. But despite popular belief imps do not like to sing, but are particularly fond of randomness and pickles.
imp + ninja + *poke* = dancing orange hamster!
by uber-random ninja November 28, 2005
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Park of the pines senior high camp reference to the phrase:
"in my pants."
Often used in public when playing the 'in my pants' game.
(when playing the 'in my pants' game in public)
Katie: "whoa, you totally dropped your slinky.."
Emily: "IMP!"
by paiilovesyouuuuu(: August 25, 2009
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