something very, very true. Amazing
Dude, Peyton Manning is so Imate
by ImImate January 24, 2010
Good quality blank CD's ready to be burnt.
"Swing me one of those 'imations'."
by Diego July 17, 2003
1. Damn good CD-R's and DVD-R's.
2. Producer of high quality blank media along with: RiTEK and Verbatim.
3. One of the oldest and higest quality producers of writable digital media.
1. After purchasing imation CD-R's Eric ran out of toilet paper so he had to use those shitty Memorex CD-R's he bought earlier to finish the job.
2. If you want to keep that movie you illegally downloaded you should back it up on imation.
3. imation of Life.
by milatchi January 18, 2005
a skool filled with snakes, shit talkers, pussies & not to mention how they stink too 🥶, HELLA BARSEROS/REFS🤣, girls with long ass acrylics who thing their the shit cuz they got like dollar tree diamonds on them, guys with anuel haircuts, flat ass hoes who are close to getting skoliosis cuz of how much they break their back, & hella crackeads 😭
shaniqua: i'm gonna beat this hoes ass
federica: shaniqua callate que you not beating nobody's ass cuz you go to imater
hoselina: así mismo federica shaniqua you eh go to imater you go to imater so callate
by chupa me el pingonn May 17, 2019
A bitch ass school filled with pot heads, refs, pussys come pingas. Girl have long ass acrylics which they got at some dollar tree,they also break their back in pictures threrefore have scoliosis. Niggas ain’t it and they all ugly as shit. They get u in trouble for everything and everyone try to act cool by going to oscars. This school ass PERIODT.
peppa pig: “Imater the best school fr”

Vsco girl headass: “sksks and I oop hell no you a hoe and never going to get a real nigga”

Peppa pig: “shut yo headass up hoe you tryna meet at oscars?”

Vsco girl headass: “and I oop I dropped my ID sksks”

Security: “oyeee el ID la voy a mandar pa csi”

Also pEpPa: “yep what color should I do my acrylics ?”
by Sksksksksksksk September 24, 2019
Acronym for "it'll make a turd". Used to describe a meal when nothing else can be said to describe it.
My dinner wasn't great; definitely IMAT food!
by sontan October 11, 2010
Sarah, who accidentally types in the wrong window when instant messaging multiple people, is IMatically incompetent.
by Sonia O December 23, 2006