Swinging a certain way is a commonly understood euphemism to describe someone's sexual orientation.
1) Heterosexual: "So, uh, which way do ya swing?"
Closet Homosexual: "I'd rather not say..."

2) heterosexual: "So which way you swing, bro?"

Bisexual: Both ways. I'm frickin Tarzan.
by Your Teenage Philosopher August 1, 2014
To go and buy, steal, or take.
"when you gonna get the shit?"
"imma swing tonight."
by ajitpai6969 December 16, 2019
To fight and/or punch another individual.
To go arm's in.
To lay breh's the fuck out.
Example 1: ''Just go in and swing the cunt''
Example 2: ''Wanna swing?''
Example 3: ''I'll fuckin swing''
by John-bizzly April 29, 2009
In jazz music, the ability to improvise with soul, creativity, and individuality, while still remaining organically connected to the sound being put out by the band as a whole.

The ability to swing is what distinguishes a good jazz player from a bad one. Lack of soul (Kenny G) or showboating (Jaco Pastorius toward the end of his career) are antithetical to swing.

Normally used in the context of acoustic jazz, but equally applicable to fusion, jazz-funk, etc. Not be confused with "swing" as a genre. (While a good Swing musician must know how to "swing," one can swing in just about any genre involving improvised music).
Man, that sax player sure knows how to swing.

I wasn't feeling the band last night. They kept trying, but they just couldn't swing.
by srussell25 April 2, 2010
To behave in a fun, self-confident, and charismatic manner typically associated with just the right balance of Cuban bravado. This can be perceived in a dance like quality to the walk similar to an upbeat Salsa.
Ese Pitbull tiene tremendo swing. spanglish
by samwong April 8, 2015
Possibly the greatest music form of all time. Originated in the early 1920's, originated from early jazz types and strong African-American influence. Strong comeback of Swing occured in 1998 with bands like the Cherry Poppin Daddies and The Straycats.
"Whacha listen' to?"
"Some awesome Swing!"
by Eric R. April 25, 2005
If something is swing, it is all cool and chill. This means that everything is fine.
by IShatOnYourLawn February 18, 2018