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It means you do not love something/someone. A computer programmer's joke.
I !<3 you.


I'll also program a breakup into code. (GML. It is similar to C++)...

var girl
var guy
var truelove

//Yes this had to do with my life :'(
//0 means doesn't love
//1 means is in love

//how it started out:

//how it ended out:

//notice how guy is still 1 ... :(

//and this is always checking for any changes::

if (girl=1 and guy=1) then truelove=1;
else if (girl!=1 or guy!=1) then truelove=0;


Also, this is taken from Veggie's definition for !...

In the programming world, this means NOT. It is mostly used in boolean expressions, mostly found in if statements, to express the non-equality of something.

It can be used with an '=' sign like this: 3 != 4, meaning 3 does not equal 4. This is a true expression, and so the expression would return TRUE. However, if I put: ((6-3) != (5-2)) I'm basically saying 6-3 is not equal to 5-2, or 3 does not equal 3. But 3 DOES equal 3. So this expression would return false.

NOTE: != is pronounced as "Does Not Equal"
by Keael October 30, 2007
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Bill gates likes this date for some reason, and most of his big projects are released on Nov 17.
11/17: Gates Unveils Spam, Security Help

11/17: Microsoft is working on building more secure products by designing, promoting security training and development, easing patch management, and partnering with hardware makers and security companies.

11/17: Bill Gate's announcement of MOM's availability, this editor offers a brief overview of MOM as well as the product benefits.

11/17: Bill Gates, when questioned about the more than 10,000 known bugs Microsoft acknowledged existed in Windows 98, claimed “There are no significant bugs in our released software that any significant number of users want fixed.…The reason we come up with new versions is not to fix bugs.…It’s the stupidest reason to buy a new version I ever heard.”

11/17: "Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates offers two pills to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in a 'Matrix' spoof video during Gates' keynote address for the Comdex computer convention in Las Vegas, Nevada November 16, 2003. 'Take the Big Blue pill and this story ends,' Gates says to Ballmer, referring to a pivotal scene in the movie and also to IBM's nickname, 'And armies of consultants are running around the IT world. Take the red pill (representing Microsoft) and you stay in Wonderland.' Gates played the character 'Neo' from the film." (LOL)

11/17: Prop 71 has raised about $26 million from a prominent list of venture capitalists and high-tech executives including Bill Gates and John Doerr.

And more...
by Keael May 13, 2005
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Computer nerd: "OH NOES!! I got thee blue screen of death! It hath smitten me with ye's mighty pen of DOOM brouthen unto thee by an error caused by evil microsoft's computer! Bill gates is the devil! I shall hit return, then ctrl alt del! then I shall tell other fellow nerd's that the blue screen of death is the worst possible thing to ever happen to anyone anytime anywere in canada! Or US! Because we think US is the best because we think we are the best cuz we think wer better than cnadsa because we think we are smarter arne better and more articyultate andd such. NERDS UNTIE!!"
by Keael January 8, 2006
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Guy : Let's watch NOES!
Girl: Ok, but then I won't have sex with you.
Girl: Just kidding! I'm your sister!
Guy: Ok.
by Keael January 10, 2006
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One who turns the volume up and down during music they enjoy, pretending to be a dj. Really annoying.
"Stop it, Bob! You're such a volume dj!"
by Keael May 10, 2006
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Man, I have a splitting headache. I need a C9H8O4!
by Keael October 15, 2007
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