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This is what you say when someone asks you for important advice in their life.
Your friend: "Last night I lost everything. My girlfriend dumped me, I lost my job and I'm starting to lose my grip on reality. What should I do, man?"

You: "Do a barrel roll!"
by Keael January 15, 2006

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Urban Dictionary backwards.
If you are reading this, then you are most likely bored to hell.

Person: "I'm bored."


Person *types urban dictionary backwards*

Person: "Keael must be bored as well. He defined yranoitcid nabru. INTERESTING."
by Keael January 03, 2006

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The total amount of time one can manage being on the phone with someone.
My phone stamina is roughly an hour.
by Keael March 15, 2006

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Usually as a result of not having much or any friends in reality, your mind creates an imaginary friend. Even the creator of an imaginary friend cannot see them, unless if they are on LSD, or just hallucinogenic. You're not nessecarily "crazy" if you have one.

You can just talk to them in your mind, they can think for you sometimes, you can ask them for advice or ask them to decide which movie you want to rent tonight. You can get into arguments with them, and you can have intelligent conversations with them.


You can't kill them.

They might slowly fade away in time... but... I don't know...



You can completely change into your imaginary friend. Sad I know.
Some people have imaginary friends.
by Keael January 07, 2006

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When one has only one friend and must rank them as their best friend due to the fact that there are no runners up.
Person 1: Hey man who is your best friend?
Person 2: Bob; he's my best friend by default.
by Keael February 27, 2006

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A computer nerd's nightmare.
Computer nerd: "OH NOES!! I got thee blue screen of death! It hath smitten me with ye's mighty pen of DOOM brouthen unto thee by an error caused by evil microsoft's computer! Bill gates is the devil! I shall hit return, then ctrl alt del! then I shall tell other fellow nerd's that the blue screen of death is the worst possible thing to ever happen to anyone anytime anywere in canada! Or US! Because we think US is the best because we think we are the best cuz we think wer better than cnadsa because we think we are smarter arne better and more articyultate andd such. NERDS UNTIE!!"
by Keael January 07, 2006

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Brewers use hops, a small bitter flowering plant, to provide a counterbalancing aroma and taste to beer. The basic idea is not unlike what you would find in a good wine. As you drink, the malty beer washes over your tongue, bringing you body and sweetness. As you swallow, the hops hit the bitter taste buds in the back of your mouth, serving as a tonic, leaving (hopefully) a refreshing taste.
You hate beer — if you do hate beer — because most of the beers you've tried are unbalanced. All you can taste is hops. And with nothing to balance them, hops taste nasty.
by Keael January 04, 2006

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