One who masterbaits while imagining another person, animal, thing, or pretty much anything that gets them off.
"Wow that chick is so hot i might have to imagibate to her fine ass later"
by Hortinstein June 4, 2003
When you have no pornographic material to wack off to, be it still images or video, so you just use your imagination to picture a sexy image or day dream to get off on.

This comes from Greek philosopher, Diogenes the cynic. He would masturbate on the street, if he could not find a partner suitable to fuck. However, in Ancient Greece, there was no porno, it was very taboo to depict naked women, or even TALK about sex organs. So he must have imagibated.
"I perfer the act of imagibation whenever my computer breaks down|
by mrgroliebear November 6, 2009
The act of masturbating using only your imagination.
Joe couldn't find any good porn so he decided to imagibate.
by demonic324 July 26, 2014
When the wifi or data has run out so you have to masturbate to your imagination
Ahhh man my data ran out yesterday so I had to imagibate.
by Betty Ross October 8, 2017
A word used to fuse imagine and jibe for the upmost of teasing, by saying imagibe you are saying imagine in a sarcastic way, as well as a jibe for your own knowledge
Person 1-How is that spelled that way?
Person 2-Imagibe not knowing that it’s spelled that way
Person 1-It’s imagine
Person 2-Imagibe thinking it’s the same thing
by BiscuitsWithCrackers September 28, 2022
The neurological collection of pornographic images and previous sexual encounters one draws upon as inspiration (see: inspibation) whilst masturbating.
Bro my Internet got cut off last week. Been using my imagibation to wank ever since
by ZachVan May 8, 2020