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The act of believing that disagreeing with someone on certain ideologies equates to them disapproving a particular identity such as one's race, sex, sexuality, religion, etc. rather than the ideology itself. Instead of focusing on the logical aspect of an idea or opinion, identity politics instead believes that a particular identity is opposing all people who belong to a particular identity.
Examples of identity politics include:
(1) Black people believing that cops specifically target them because of the color of their skin
(2) Feminists believing that men judge and treat them poorly solely based on their gender
(3) Women voting for Hillary Clinton because the US needs its first woman president ASAP to empower women
(4) People believing Trump's voters hate all women, Muslims, and Mexicans by supporting his platform
(5) People assuming if you are a white male, your political ideology is trying to push white supremacy
by burgerva January 30, 2017
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The things that theory heavy nerds try to decipher and then give up and then try again. Best bet is to deny all identity, move to a cabin and read Foucault.
Identity Politics: I'm not so queer because I gender identify as something different than my gender expression but still believe that my sex is permanent. Within my own culture there are words for such identity but with this bullshit American assimilation, I have lost the language of my ancestors who my grandparents needed to deny based on race privilege.

Also on my first try i forgot to mention class. Which leads to my obvious belief that I am middle class.
by AnotherDayAnotherDolla March 16, 2012
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A dog whistle used by brocialists to attack any member of a minority group who gets above themselves by disagreeing with them.
Disabled lesbian: The flaws in state communism have been apparent to much of the left since long before the Soviet Union was ever founded. What do you think the Marx-Bakunin split was about?

Brocialist: Hey, quit your identity politics; we're trying to talk about socialism here.
by Queen Buttrix September 13, 2016
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