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A term used instead of global warming because the full impact of human caused CO2 emissions isn't known to scientists, and many are predicting that worldwide heating of the atmosphere may cause changes in ocean currents, and therefore, in some cases, cooling of some areas like the Eastern seaboard of North America.

The existence of climate change is virtually undisputed by all the world's leading scientists. The only people who mock it are fools who have been duped by the echo chamber created by junk science manufactured by oil companies and car manufacturers, in short, those who have a vested instrest in the status quo.

Only a complete retard or a goof would believe that climate change isn't occuring, or that "left wing" envirotards are part of some vast conspiracy to make-believe that we are in the midst of the sixth great extinction. What possible motive would these pinko commies have to pretend that the climate is changing? What benefit would such chicken little posturing have to them? The answer is no benefit whatsoever.

If you aren't sure whose motives are suspect, think of the old Roman proverb "look to see who benefits". Enviromentalists don't have some secret hidden agenda, they sincerly just want to live on a habitable planet. They don't make money from saving forests. Who makes money, the corporations, or the environmentalists?

Think about it, as a person who probably acts in their own rational self interest, who is more likely to lie and cheat, the party who stands to make or lose money? Or the poor buffoon who just wants to save some owls, and maybe breathe clean air?

Does anyone really honestly think their car exhaust dissapears?
Hurricane Katrina was an intense storm that was made more intense by the effects of climate change.
by moonbug November 17, 2006
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Change of climate, a change in global or regional climate patterns. attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels.
bob: If climate change doesn't stop 4/20/69 won't happen!

climate change: *Stops*
by crack head 64 September 26, 2019
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Don't listen to all of the bullshit saying that Climate Change isn't real because it fucking is.
by Dubiks November 10, 2018
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Refers to the increase of the earth's temperature in the atmosphere. Climate change is formerly known as "global warming". Climate change is caused by fossil fuels, oil, and coal being burned out and pumped out by factories and cars into the air. Other causes of climate change are deforestation and plastic garbage disposal in oceans. As consequences of climate change, sea level rise, hurricanes, wildfires, droughts, and famines are creating chaos to earth's biodiversity. Not to mention more species are being wiped off from the face of the earth in the 6th Mass Extinction and humans will be the next to become obsolete, similar to what happened to the dinosaurs about 65 million years earlier. Humans are the main contributors to climate change. Once the earth becomes extremely hot and toxic to inhabit, it will enter into another Ice Age to cool itself. Some ice will melt along with air and water purging themselves of carbon dioxide to stabilize earth back to normal temperature. The earth will recover from climate change in millions of years later, but most of the biodiversity will not.
Many humans are pathetic wastes of space and they are devastating lives for innocent species on this planet, so they deserve to choke on poisonous air, to starve to death from killing so many animals for food, and to perish from dehydration via depleting fresh water, which mostly comes from ice caps and rivers. The younger generation, who is now protesting to stop climate change, will hold a grudge against the older generation. If humans want to prevent a continuous strengthened climate change from occurring within 10 years or so, humans should cease using fossil fuels, oil, and coal in favor of green energy, such as solar, wind, and water, stop cutting down trees to spare more food for animals living in forests, reduce intake of animal meat consumption to eat more vegetables like the Buddhists do, recycle more plastic objects, cease on throwing away abundant fresh food and water, and use less technology to spend more time with people in the real-world. In effect, we will be able to live long enough to colonize Mars and other planets before the sun engulfs the earth to destroy it in billions of years later, except that we will mess up those planets in a similar fashion as on earth....
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by TheUnknown21 February 20, 2020
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This will affect every single human being living on this planet. Please understand that we can’t just say thank u, next and leave it to the next generation!
Climate change will kill us in around 12 years time...we need to change this or you’ll soon be telling everyone your goodbyes
by buteralovhes May 23, 2019
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Good. It's a good thing. Hopefully it is as apocalyptic as dumb hippy liberals like to say it is and I get to watch them and their fuck trophies die.
Climate change is going to kill our kids!!!

Ok.... And what do I get for saving your kids lives?

We need to move past petty selfishness!

In exchange for what?

To save the world!

So, nothing. You want me to save the world for nothing? Because selfishness is bad?


And in what way do you contribute to my life that would make me want to go the for you? Is it positively or negatively?

I don't know.

It's negatively. Obviously. So, YOU'RE, the selfish one. You want to compell me to keep you alive and safe for nothing? I don't care if we all die. After I'm dead all of your lives are meaningless. So, how about this: for every one time you suck my dick; I will recycle a single item.

I'm not going to do that!

Well, then you don't care as much about the planet and the lives of your kids as you pretend to, now, do you?
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by Hym Iam November 21, 2020
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