a secret whistle used by dogs so they can identify each other as members of the cool whistling dog club
*dog whistle*
ayy it's Fido! Those scones you brought to the last meeting were bomb!
by mantis_shrimp August 4, 2020
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Dog whistle is a type of strategy of communication that sends a message that the general population will take a certain meaning from, but a certain group that is "in the know" will take away the secret, intended message. Often involves code words.
Republicans say they want to make civil rights for gays a state issue, which is really just a dog whistle strategy for saying that they will refuse to grant equal rights on a federal level.
by magnummanager July 23, 2011
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The act of using coded words, phrases or even emoji to say specific things to a specific group while seeming innocuous to the general public. It can be used for members of a group to acknowledge who each other are, or to rename issues so that they seem different to the general public, or to bring up events to push an agenda.
B: Why did you roll your eyes at the person talking about being shocked at Swedish rape statistics?
A: Well, they were dog whistling. Look at the comment closer.
B: Dog whistling what?
A: A certain group brings up the Swedish rape statistics in order to push the agenda that refugees are evil rapists. Since Sweden reports rapes in high numbers and also takes in many refugees they link the two. While this is correct, technically, it's misleading. Sweden REPORTS rapes in higher numbers because they count rape offences differently to other countries. So bringing up this misleading point about swedish crime statistics being shocking is a dog whistle to trick centrists into falling for their ideas.
B: Wow, that group must be really hateful and trash.

A: They are.

B:How do you know that they are part of that group though?
A:Check his handle, see those emojis? That's another act of dog whistling, members of that group use those emojis in their names to let other members know they are in on it.
B: But they're really inane things like an animal and a hand sign.
A: It wouldn't be very secret if it was just the flag they want to use, now would it?

Another example can be found in the dog whistling in this very definition. It's not very subtle but the idea is still there. The members of the group that I'm referring to know who they are and they got my message. And are probably very upset.
by VividAlice August 26, 2018
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Dog whistling is widely — and correctly — understood as expressing racially loaded ideas in coded terms
by drewlips February 4, 2017
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What American Democrats call everything they disagree with.
Democrat: Um, excuse me? Did you just say "Merry Christmas?" That is clearly a racist dog whistle for oppressive patriarchal white supremacy.
by Thundernut Williamson November 10, 2021
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This is some obscure way ex-partners have to bring their former lover back to them.
Tommy was fine until Shelia pulled out her X dog whistle!
by I, Wreckerrr March 14, 2021
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Women who subtly hit on, flirt with, or show loving affection toward a man when he is in a relationship and the MAN does not notice or pick up on it. But his girlfriend sure does. Females hear and pick up on what other women are doing well their men are oblivious to it.
Female dog whistle is a woman who uses cute pet names, puts hearts in messages and comments, comments excessively on posts and pics via facebook. Doing things deemed appropriate for only thee girlfriend to do to and for her boyfriend.
by YdoGIRLScauseTROUBLE! December 22, 2010