A witty and interesting person that may seem stuck-up or shy at first, but once you get to know them they are crazy. A Britany can have low confidence, but they have no reason to! A Britany always has two sides to her. She’s serious while fun-loving. She always tries in school and surprises people with her knowledge. People strive to be like a Britany. If you want to date a Britany, make sure you can spell her name right first (that’ll impress her). They have very specific type that they want when it comes to dating a guy and are usually very impressed by confidence and be smart. If you want to date a Britany just ask her or her number, she’ll give it to you (;
Wow who’s that new girl? She got to be a Britany, she has all the guys turning their heads.
by Bagelandcreamcheeselover January 20, 2018
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Britany is the most beautiful person.She is smart and talented.She always haves her bestfriends backs no matter what.Sometimes she could act like a bitch but still loves her friends.She is really fun.She had dated jerks but she don't give a fuck about them anymore.She also has the most beautiful eyes and hair.
There goes Britany let's say hi.
by 123roselyn.com123 December 4, 2016
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a nice person whom underestomates her/himself at times; a person with a beautiful souls and compassionate for others
Wow, you are so sweet, it's totally Britany of you.
by edwardcullen92 January 3, 2009
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Britany is a non loyal, lying, piece of shit. She will be your “friend” for about 3 years, and always ask for your things and never give them back. Then she will go ahead and just disregard that your other friend is really shy and has problems with being the center of attention sometimes. She will also ignore that you have an ever growing severe anxiety, that gives you panic attacks if you push too far. She will always lie. And if you are caught doing something that can get her in trouble, she throws you and whoever she can under the bus. And if you even THINK. Of letting your family make you move across the country, DONT LET THEM. Britany will just wait until your not in the picture anymore. And then she will pounce on your other friend. Who she has been friends with since KINDERGARTEN!! She will just jump at her prey, and devour them. Call them fat, ugly, and make it so their scared of showing their hobbies to the world. Britany will hurt your friend, that you cant help. She will find out that your friend doesn't have anyone to help them. She will crush your friend’s dreams. And just make you feel so bad about yourself because you cant help someone that was an actual friend in all of this chaos. You can only hope that they are doing fine...
In conclusion... I hope Britany gets what she fucking deserves.
by someone who hates mineta January 13, 2020
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One of a kind. Strong and beautiful, but does not realize it. A friend you can always count on.
She is my best Britani.....can't help but love her!
by AV8R Girl February 7, 2010
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my bff

the person who got me into anime and Jhonen Vasquez comics
by duh December 31, 2004
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