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A place for stuck up douchebags who like to think they're accepting. Similar to a regular college, just with less chicks and booze.
"Maybe it's just a liberal college, but this new generation lacks in social skills."
by RustyNailTermz November 19, 2020
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When a person, (typically a female) of a colder climate uses outrageous amounts of spray tan in an effort to appear more attractive.
"No, she's not doing blackface. That orange bitch is going to prom."
by RustyNailTermz November 19, 2020
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D-list celebrity and self proclaimed feminist, "media critic". Anita's extremist opinions and thug tactics attempt to intervene in products geared primarily towards men. Her consultation is considered financially dubious. The cult following behind her is only a fraction of the mass coverage she receives.

Anita has personally faced bankruptcy in her endeavor to ruin and exploit the gaming industry for personal gain.
Anita Sarkeesian: "I don't like this game. I think we can change it up. Make her tits smaller."

Male Programmer: "We can't do that."

Anita Sarkeesian: "It'd be a shame if someone were to write a bad review.."
by RustyNailTermz May 19, 2021
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Receiving unsolicited links to porn from a friend or co-worker as a prank. Primarily done as a way to frame the recipient of viewing pornographic material while still at work/school.
"Mr. Weed, I can explain. I've been a victim of porn mail, I'm not even gay!"
by RustyNailTermz November 20, 2020
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Critically acclaimed freestyler and Youtube sensation, Raindrop rose to his fame during the early days of the internet. Renown for his unique flow and defiance of traditional speaking methods, Raindrop bested his former rival, Mike G, in a series of three rounds which has gone on to amass millions of views.
"Raindrop is an example of why we need to take bullying in school more seriously."
by RustyNailTermz November 21, 2020
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A word referring to someone in the third person. Apparently, a malleable form of self-expression that needs to be at the forefront of western politics.

It's use is subject to politically correct hysteria that evades the fact the United States is involved in 5 different wars.
"Timmy was asked his pronouns in line at the VA office today."

"Devon received a heavy slap from the busty stripper after asking for her pronouns."
by RustyNailTermz May 08, 2021
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A city or town where a lot of shootings occur.
"New Orleans can be great, but it's a total Cheese Town."
by RustyNailTermz October 19, 2020
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