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Often taking place during 4th of July celebrations, a Harry Potter Duel is when two individuals stand from a distance, pointing lit roman candle fireworks at each other à la Harry Potter.
"Hey, Tim, grab your beer! Bill and Marty are having a Harry Potter Duel!"
by RustyNailTermz October 12, 2020
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The gayest song ever written.
"Dude, this porn website says there are hot singles in my area! It's going down in the DM!"
by RustyNailTermz May 20, 2021
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A former porn actress who's overrated and has the personality of a rock.
"Lana Rhoades recently got the boot off instagram. She made a video of herself crying and then got her account back up."

"Talk about female privilege."
by RustyNailTermz May 20, 2021
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Opportunistically and shallowly marketing an illusion of equality towards historically marginalized groups based on religion, race, gender, etc. for the sake of political or monetary convenience.
Biden: "Get me a list of the 3 trans people in America, I'm gonna hire one!"

Assistant: "Yes, sir, right away, sir."

Assistant 2: "Isn't that cultural appropriation??"

Assistant 1: "No, you're thinking of identity politics."

Biden: "Someone get me my milkshake!"
by RustyNailTermz June 10, 2021
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A fat chick at the party who's had way too much to drink and takes out her frustration by berating or groping others. Usually accompanied by equally ignorant girlfriends.
"That drunk boat just tried to force a tequila bottle down Jim's throat!"
by RustyNailTermz November 21, 2020
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Getting nudged, manipulated, or left into talking to/entertaining the least attractive girl of a friend group after smoothly approaching a gathering of females.

The man's original intentions of wanting to converse with an attractive woman are essentially twisted by the group in an effort to help end the single status of a particular female.
"Even if she has a boyfriend, she still didn't have to friend pass me like that. It's not fair to me, or that chick I was talking to."
by RustyNailTermz November 24, 2020
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When something is of poor quality and a disgrace; extremely underwhelming. A play off the UK variation of the word "shit".
Busboy: "Gordon Ramsay just told me he was served undercooked lamb. He called it shiggyshite, then spit it up in his napkin."
by RustyNailTermz August 11, 2021
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