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Girls named Karris are likely to be from Iowa. She is the physical embodiment of corn. A Karris is also likely to throw up constantly, be smart, and totally emotional imbalanced. She is suspicious and questions loyalty constantly. Karris is likely to love robotics. In the end, though Karris has zero emotional abilities, a Karris is a real hoot. She is hard as nails and honest with herself. Everyone needs a Karris.
On Tuesday, Karris stole belly button. Then Karris gave birth to the person whom she stole the belly button from.
by GuacGang(Frontiers) August 02, 2018
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A word commonly used to describe pure beauty...and shear elegance.
Man, would you take a look at that woman? She is totally Karri.
by bearded triangle pleaser February 03, 2010
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Karri is a name for a beautiful, smart, and talented young woman. She is very creative and independent. She is most attracted to the fine-arts like singing and dancing. She also does very well in school. She's a smartypants! She is very pretty and beautiful. A lot of boys like and chase her. Since she is very pretty, smart, and talented, who wouldn't want to spend the rest of their lives with her?
Boy: Who is that?
Friends: Oh that's the new kid in school. She's in the drama class, she's also very smart and pretty.
Boy: She is a Karri for sure!
by (¬‿¬) December 21, 2016
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A fun and amazing person everyone wants to be around.
She can be very crazy and will most likely always be able to make you laugh, usually has pale skin and beautiful eyes. She can never hide how she truly feels because her face says it all when karris is pissed off everyone knows it!
I met this crazy girl karris the other day.
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by TheCreat0r07 December 09, 2017
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A herp derp derp.

Also known as the shit coming out of a constipated camel anus.
"My camel should eat more fiber so Karri stops coming around"
by shakesmyheadderpderp2 January 06, 2012
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