When you get your girlfriend/boyfriend to lay a massive shit, put it in the freezer until it gets rock solid, then pull it out and fuck them with it like it was a dildo.
Tobi: "I don't know what it is, I've tried Fizzing, I've tried Docking and I've tried Flumping, but nothing seems to satisfy me any more"
Tony: "I've got something that'll cheer you up mate. How about I give you an Icing?. It worked when Dom gave me one"
by Sid August 04, 2004
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When a girl introduces an unsuspecting (usually flamboyant male) to her boyfriend. He excretes his man juices onto the man's face, and the flamboyant male returns the favor. If the act is reciprocated, then the icing has occurred. Otherwise, no icing has occurred.
Can you believe all of the icing that is going on? It is getting out of hand.
by GMFWB June 18, 2010
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Icing is when somewhone will flaunt fake jewellery claiming that it’s real.

No one likes a believable icer as they are fake flexers
“look at Jerome icing around all them batties, faking it till he be making it”
by Huge throbbing cock j July 13, 2018
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The sexual escapeds that take place after a couple scores methamphetamines. Since methamphetamines can be known for giving the users an unusually hieghtened sex drive and also lowers the users inhibitions.
Well, we're about to pick up so we'll probably icing later on this evening. Maybe it wouldn't be a good time to stop by.
by Scotty's#1Fan September 05, 2018
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A white girl who is with anyone other than a white male.
Hey bro, did you see that hot ass icing with that guy?
by Iraqsucksin05 November 04, 2015
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