When your cone eyes enable you to see your computer screen in the sunshine.
He can sit outside and work cause his eyes refract.
by cone eyes October 17, 2017
When your Mom comes in your room and she be like, clean this place up.
You be refracting, mom!
by incraigulous October 17, 2017
Refraction is a male bri-ish youtuber who likes to suck on his mic on stream and dress up as an eboy. He is also considered a hero as his forehead is the biggest light source in the universe.
"Dude let's watch some Refraction"
"Ok sure"
by Refraction's non-existent gf December 7, 2021
a term referring to bounce you get from hitting a wall
I was doing my elevator circles yesterday when i got totally refracted off the door'
by c-trizzle June 17, 2009
A guild in the MMO World of Warcraft full of psychotic people that sell crack to under-aged girls. They constantly talk about sexual jokes and the guild leaders porn mustache.
The people from Refraction just sold that 16 year old girl crack!
by Totallynotdaija May 21, 2010
A reprobate who is a member of a weekly online drinking club who happen to play a FPS game in between gulps of booze.
I saw you couldnt go to work last Thursday as you are a refraction.
by Pizzathehut July 7, 2008