This occurs in a friendly game where people hide Smirnoff Ice's around in various places and if another person finds the hidden Smirnoff Ice, they must take a knee and drink it immediately without taking one's lips off the bottle.
Ahhhhh shit Squiddy!!! Hey everyone, Squid is getting iced! Drink up pledge!!
by cslickster002 February 23, 2017
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A term created by Nexus and his girlfriend at MLG Raliegh 2010.

Means going to have sex.
DarkLegacy: "Dude, where you guys going?"
Nexus : "Getting ice!"
DarkLegacy: "Again?!"
by Nexus & Lizombie September 6, 2010
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an expression my friend made which means "masturbating"
Man1: Where's Josh?
Man2: Oh he's getting ice cream
by saucpogi March 29, 2019
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"What are doing Sasha, Wanna get some ice cream later on?"
"Let's get raped in an ice cream truck and maybe the driver will give us some ice cream!"
"I'm getting some ice cream from my lover tonight!"
"Do you want some ice cream babe?"
by Sasha♥ January 10, 2008
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