A malted beverage (hence not a vodka like other Smirnoff products) that one is forced to drink when presented, usually in some ceremonious fashion at a large gathering, in an act called "Icing." When iced, the drinker is required to get on one knee and chug the entire bottle, despite occasional jeers, jokes, discouragement and/or encouragement from onlookers.
Jack snuck a Smirnoff Ice into everyone's Secret Santa gift at the Christmas party. When guests opened their presents at the end, they all had to get on their knees one by one and drink theirs. One of the gifts was a drinking hat, which the recipient used to consume his.
by dglester hardunkichud January 10, 2015
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An alcoholic drink made by the Smirnoff vodka company that is technically beer (it says so on the bottle) even though it's clear. It comes in a lot of flavors, some of which taste great and some of which taste nastier than shit. It has a very low alcohol per volume ranking (can't remember of the top of my head but I think it's around 10-20 proof).

Oftentimes called a bitch drink because of its low alcohol content and fruity flavor, but it tends to be the drink of choice at many parties.

The good flavors taste a lot like Sprite with alcohol, but a bit sweeter.
Guy 1: What are you drinking?
Guy 2: Green Apple flavored Smirnoff Ice!
Guy 1: Dude, that's such a bitch drink.
Guy 2: Shut up, you know you love it.
by lovesmesumcake January 14, 2009
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the best alchohalic beverage in the *whole* *fucking* *world*
by boowoo November 1, 2003
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Jon is such a bitch. Word on the street is that he plays quarters with Smirnoff Ice and bakes cookies for everyone on his floor and does their laundry.
by Nick D October 29, 2003
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Giant bitch drink. Everyone makes fun of those who drink it, but it sure does dissapear fast when someone brings it to a party.
Guy #1: You're such a bitch for drinking Smirnoff Ice.
Guy #2: Well at least I'm not going to pass out and get teabagged.

20 Minutes later...

Guy #3: Dude, nice form on the teabag!
Guy #2: Thanks.
by TM September 9, 2004
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Contrary to the other listed definitions , is not a bitch drink with low alcohol content. In fact it has MORE alcohol content than the average beer. It also tastes WAY better. Drinking piss does not make you more of a man.
Scenario 1

Guy 1 : (Is drinking smirnoff)

Guy 2 : You drink smirnoff? LOL!

Guy 1 : Hey idiot , read your beers label and read my smirnoffs label

Guy 2 : ....... what the.... WHAT THE HELL! BEER ONLY HAS 4.2% ALC AND SMIRNOFF ICE HAS 4.5%?

Guy 1 : Yes , you're an idiot.

Scenario 2 :

Guy 1 : (Is drinking Smirnoff ice)

Guy 2 : Smirnoff? Lol fag!

Guy 1 : (smashes bottle over douchebags head and knocks him out)
by The-Truth873405705 August 6, 2011
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