1. when someone tops the norm, the regular, the mundane.

2. when someone exceeds any ordinary expectations.

3. when someone is "extra"
my girlfriend is icing; someone I never dared to dream for, but cannot imagine living without.
by enigm7a November 22, 2011
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1) On any participant's birthday or any other special event (anniversary, wedding etc.) they must be 'Iced' no less then 3 times during the course of the day.

2) The victim must be unexpectant of the 'Ice'. If not, the Icer must down their own Ice. The Ice attempt can only be deemed successful if the victim SEES the Ice.

3) An Ice is only eligible if the Icer is present during the Ice.

4)If you are holding an Ice while Iced, the Icer must drink both Ices.

5) If you use another participant's Ice on them you can make up your own punishment for them (within reason).
However if they are aware of their missing Ice the participant who stole the Ice must drink it.

6) Victims have no more than 5 minutes to down the Ice unless the Ice occurs during class or work (see 7)

7) If a participant is Iced during any class, they have until the end of the class to consume the Ice. Excusing yourself to the toilets to do so is perfectly acceptable.

8) You cannot Ice another person more than 5 times in a row if they do not possess any Ices. However if they do possess their own Ices then there is no limit.

9) If you knowingly fail to oblige to any of these rules and are caught out by another participant in doing so then you must drink 5 Ices on the day of their choice (within rule 9).

10) If a participant wrongly predicts an Ice on them, they must drink either an Ice or a shot of any 35%+ alcoholic drink.
Luke: "Hey, Coltrane! Take a seat next to me bro."
Coltrane: "Hey what's this im sitting on.."
Luke: *snigger*
Coltrane: "Ahh SHIT!"
Luke: "Bro just got ICED!"

Perfect example of icing.
by McNaggers November 07, 2011
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A mysterious Physical Therapy/Bodywork technique.
This term is used in a condescending way to refer to trade
secrets that you will never learn, even if you spend large
amounts of money and take all the continuing education

The final flick, brush, glaze, goodbye, given to a student or
perhaps a disdained client at the end of a session. There is
apparent relish given to the ambiguity of this term as it
could be interpreted to literally refer to a bona-fide
cryo-therapy technique, or equally construed in a sexual
way. A "coup de gras" of sorts.

Not revealing your sources of information. Icing refers to
tightly held Copyright, Corporate and/or Trade Secrets -
that the instructor actually cannot legally copyright!
"I can teach you all there is to know, about baking a cake,
but I will not reveal my icing recipe."

The Professor was kind to all of his students, but never
shared the secret to his "icing" technique; not even with
his long term research assistant.
by Oilslick January 23, 2010
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