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1. Label given to the top-of the line 3rd generation Camaros, the IROC-Z ran from 1985-1990. The IROC offered strong acceleration (6.2 0-60 for 5.7 liter versions and a mid-14 second 1/4 mile), capable braking, and INCREDIBLE handling. IROCS have been known to put .92 G's down on the skid-pad. With a MacPhereson's strut suspension, they out-handle most "sporty" cars now, and still rank number four on Car and Driver's best handling car list.
2. Italian Retard Out Cruising; a useful acronym for the people who drive the vehicle described in definition number one. I can say this because I am, in fact, Italian. :-D
Fucking rice-rocket driving pussies assume that American cars can't handle for anything. They are often silent after being embarassed by a stock IROC both through the turns and in straight-line acceleration. For a racer on a budget, a 3rd gen IROC Camaro is the ideal platform; it can be made to hit low 12's for just over 3 thousand dollars, and will handle better than almost anything on the market. For about ten thousand total invested, you can have a fully street-legal race car that will do more than a straight line.
by frieze August 15, 2003
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The musclecar of choice seen in great numbers in Warwick, Rhode Island in the 1980's. The '85-'86 models were in high demand. Now still occasionally seen crusing Bald Hill Road and the Rhode Island & Warwick Mall parking lots...ahhh, the good old 80''s-!!
Dianna DiRoma's '85 IROC is totally bitchin'
by unclematty November 02, 2004
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IROC= International race of champions

The International Race of Champions is a race comprised of top notch drivers from IRL, NASCAR Winston Cup, NASCAR Busch, World of Outlaws ... all sorts of racing ... to compete in identical cars and try their driving skills at winning the IROC Championship of the season. Started in 1974 and still running today.

camaro IROCs were special options on 1985-1990 Z-28 camaros and featured a lower ride height, performance-calibrated shocks and struts, and 16 inch aluminum wheels with 245/50/16 goodyear eagle tires. They were made to commemorate the chevrolet camaro being used in the IROC series.
by chris September 06, 2004
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Italian Retard Out Crusin'. As in Italian Americans love the discontinued IROC automobile.
Yo Mayfield Heights is full of IROC's. It's guido central. Gold chains and Aqua Velva everywhere.
by LDY December 11, 2007
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Italian Retard Out Cruising (Seaside, NJ 1980's)
I Reek Of Cologne (see definition above)
I Race Old Cars (see both definitions above)
Frank, were you on Ocean Ave when that cologne wearing, North Jersey guido driving an IROC challenged the tommie driving a rusted out Dodge Dart to a drag race? What is he thinking? He'd lose so bad to the tommie's Dart that his hair mousse would even give out...
by econobiker July 10, 2008
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